I really don’t know what to say………

Franklin the Flatulent

Frank n Farter


Mr. Magoo

Whatever you want to call him… because he does answer to all of the above… is having the time of his life!!!

I cant believe it has been 11 weeks since Franklin’s amputation!!  11 weeks!!!  My gosh.. on Tuesday, February 26th will be 12 weeks.. 3 months since he became a tripawd!

I really did not think that he could become any cuter!!  And I will admit.. that is is getting a bit more spoiled than normal.  He now claims a spot on the couch beside you whenever you sit on it.  He LOVES to snuggle… he loves to play.. and he still loves to fart.

Oh yes.. the farts.  Have you ever been lying in bed.. all snuggled in with your covers tucked up under your chin, curled up on your side with a big fluffy pillow holding your poor overworked head.. and you sigh… a big sigh, just before you are supposed to fall asleep.  BUT.. instead.. as you go to inhale for your relaxing sigh, unknowing to you, the invisible cloud of aroma has reached the top of your mattress area.  You know that aroma.. that some dawg has eaten 14 burritos and topped it off with a pot of chili fart!  That aroma where you swear that something has crawled and died somewhere, really really close by!  That aroma that you swear the dog has taken a number two on your mat right beside your bed!

now.. back to the relaxing sigh… well that has now turned into a gagging, eye watering, cough where you immediately have to flip your body over to the other side of the bed so that you don’t taste it!  Now that you have turned over, your brow furrows because what do you hear over your shoulder?  A relaxing sigh… from the dog!

It’s been a busy time of year for our household..  not only do I work full time at my regular job, but I also have my own home based business where I make goats milk soap, bath and body products.   So this is the time of year where I am making massive amounts of soap… in the last 5 weeks I have made about 180 pounds of soap, different fragrances, colours, as well as unscented.  I also make sugar scrubs, body butters, bath salts, bath bomb cupcakes, lip balms, shea butter sticks and.. yup.. dawg soap!

So.. it has not left me much time to sit at the computer and type.

One of the things that I have noticed is that Franklin’s fur is growing in kinda “whispy”.  I think I read somewhere that that can be from the antitbiotics that they are on after their amputation.  He was on penicillin, I can’t remember what dosage as I threw the bottle out.  I called the vet today and left a message for him to ask.  I know that I have read in some of the posts here on the site that their dogs fur grew back after about 5-6 months.  So, when I think of those two things, I think that it will grow back eventually.  In the meantime, he has some dapper sweaters that I have bought him to wear.  I just sewed up the left leg so that it covers his amputation scar and he is all set to go for his walks.

I know that eventually that day is coming.  And on that day, I will be posting here in his blog telling you all that he is running around like a goof at Rainbow Bridge.  But I hope and pray that day will be a long while from now.

Yet, the past few nights I have noticed while he is lying on his dog bed that his breathing is heavy.. almost congested.  I hope that it is just the way he is lying.  We have an appointment on March 16th for our annual shots.. and I think I am going to get an xray done then of his chest just to ease my mind.   It always sits in the back of your mind that it’s going to come back.   After all.. if he has ended up with the cancer in his lungs, well.. part of me doesn’t want to knos that either…   know what I mean?   He’s 14 years old..  and I think if, and that is IF, it is there.. then I will love him a little more, spoil him a lot more, and thank god for each day he is still with us.  After all.. if we had not done the amputation, he might have been running around Rainbow Bridge like a goofball at this time…

Bark atcha later…