Gone Fishing?

Hey big guy.. I am so glad you are having a good time and letting us know that you are A-OK!!!     Cause..  that makes three.. THREE white feathers that I have found since you have been gone Mr. Magoo!!  Sunday morning when I got up and I was walking through the bedroom, what do I see on the ground.. in front of where your ramp used to be.. but a single white feather!!  Which I found funny because it was right in front of the tall dresser.. where you are sitting on top in your cedar box, with your pawprint (which I touch all the time) and your collar and your very first sausage squeaky!!!

Of course, my Fred, smiled when I told him and then I think he went and had a teary eyes moment in the tv room… he gets teary eyed Frankie.. we all do..  but that is ok.. I know you see it.. and you know that when it happens, we are thinking of you, loving you, remembering you and of course missing you.    I’m sure you miss us too, but eventually, one day, we will see each other again and then you’ll be stuck with me.. lol  How do you like me now!!??  Lol

Fred and I were chatting about going ice fishing next year again… and I think we are going to take Maggie and Wilson with us.  Remember going ice fishing?  You had such a good time.. you were such a good boy.. and didn’t even fall in the hole once!  Maggie did… twice.. remember.. ??  crazy mutt.. spins around and her butt falls right down the hole.  Geesh.

Remember I made Maggie and you hoodies?  I was afraid the weather would be really, really cold on the snowmobile ride out there and I wanted to keep you guys warm!!   After all.. I have fished there when it was minus 45!!!!!  after all.. you were pretty hip in your GAP hoodie!!  I can hear the voice… “yooooooooooooo ADRIANNNN!”


You loved the snowmobile ride out there in the sled…. The wind in your face made you smile!! And we said to hell with the hoodies!!




You loved to sit beside Fred and watch him fish…. well.. you loved to sit beside Fred period.  lol



You even watched the hole for us while we were busy…


But I know that your favorite part of that fishing trip was when we cleaned the fish, cooked the fish.. and gave you guys some.  Fish is delish isn’t it!!! yummmmm!!!!


I really wanted to take you fishing again one more time in February… but I was afraid of the ice and you slipping.  I was afraid that you would hurt or break your front leg.. and being way out in the middle of nowhere.. well. I don’t know what I would have done if you had hurt yourself!!

I should have taken you.  For that I am sorry buddy.  I really am… but we will fish again…  and we can fish as long as we want to… cause there will be no time limit next time!!  We won’t have to pack up and go home.  We can hang as long as you want to and just.. enjoy!

Now, remember to remind Wilson about his manners walking on the leash… and tell him to stop trying to use the water dish as a mini puppy pool!! crazy canine… !!!

Thanks bud…   I know he is in good hands.. well.. ummm.. paws…  you know what I mean!!

Bark atcha later!

Happy Birthday to me!

Well.. I celebrated my big FIVE OH birthday on Saturday with some friends in the backyard, which turned out to be a total of 29 people including us.. lol

It was a bit rainy, but we have a covered section of the deck as well as a few tents we put up.

The rain didn’t stay around for long and overall.. it as a great time with great friends!    My sweetie actually had two highland pipers come into the yard.. which was such a fabulous surprise.  Not to mention two of my girlfriends from Toronto came.. who I haven’t seen in a while, which was fantastic.  AND there was even fireworks, thanks to my sweetie and my son.    Overall, it was a great day!

But I just had to share what a friend of mine did for my birthday…   What a great keepsake..  I was so touched by it..  I LOVE IT!!!  So.. needless to say.. Franklin WAS with me for my birthday celebration!!!   Love you buddy.. XO



Mr. Wilson did great at my birthday celebration.. he was the perfect little puppy.. no nipping.. no tearing at little kids pants, hands etc… He was certainly tuckered out though with all those people paying attention to him…

He’s a recent photo of him…  he is growing so fast.. I swear he just grew an inch walking to the kitchen!!  He’s losing his “puppy” look and become more of a toddler!!


Bark atcha later!

I was missing you yesterday big guy….

*sigh*  hey there sweet boy…

Yesterday was my “big 50” birthday…  and it was without you….  in solid form…

I remember saying to Fred when we found out you had those nasty mets in your lungs that I didn’t think you would be there for my birthday.   Sometimes I hate it when I am right.  I wish I could have shared some ice cream with you… as a matter of fact.. I didn’t even have any ice cream.

But, I know you were with me in spirit.. and when I closed my eyes and opened my heart.. and breathed deep……  I could feel you.  Thank you for being there with me.

Maggie has been sleeping on your bed.. and I snuggled down beside her last night to love her up..and guess what.  I could still smell you on that bed…  and I know she could smell you too.

She is doing awesome with Mr. Wilson… teaching him so many things and being so patient with him.  I am sure you have a paw or two in there as well.

Mr. Wilson has been sleeping on the bed the last few nights .. in your spot.. keeping watch out for us.  You would be proud!

I miss you handsome guy….  but then again.. you know that..

And in honour of it being Christmas 5 months from today…. I found this picture where my Fred took you and Maggie to get your picture taken with Santa.. This was to raise funds for the SPCA and it was Christmas 2011.  You just don’t look too impressed dude.. lol

Say hi to Diesel for me!!  xoxo


Yo Yo Frankie…

Hey there Handsome Guy…   I found a few great pictures I had on my computer…  I thought I would share it here for all the tripawd pawrents to see.. You are such a handsome guy.. I bet you have all the ladies up there at the bridge smiling!!  How could they not when they see your contagious grin!!

Now.. I know you love your squeakies… and you show them off quite proudly!!!


This one was your favorite.. Turkey Girl.. remember her?  She hung around for years.. until a bad winter and she was stuck outside.. she was never the same since that…


And I know that.. when a hotdog is not available.. you are more than willing to substitute with a burger!!


But.. do you think you could tell Mr. Wilson how to carry a ball… ???


Work on that.. will ya buddy?  It’s going to be embarrassing at the dog park when he gets older… !!


Love ya big guy….

Bark atcha later!







Frank’n’farter… you would be proud!!!

Hey there Franklin…. check this out!!  You would be soooo proud dude!  I know you have been chatting to Mr. Wilson.. and telling him what to do and what not to do.  Well.. today.. as a special treat because he had been such a good boy.. We gave him a pig ear!!!!

YUP!!!! A PIG EAR!!!!!  He was sooo happy.. as you know.. and once he got over the “how do I hang onto this without it moving all over the place” situation, he picked up his pig ear and went out to the lawn to lie down and eat it!!  You told him where the best spot was to lie down didn’t you!!  Yup.. he did.. he lay down right by the rocks by the pond, under the maple tree.  That was your favourite spot to eat your pig ears!!  Thanks for sharing that buddy!!  You rawk!

We only let him have half of it today… we shall see how his tummy does and if everything is ok.. which it seems to be.. he can have the rest tomorrow for another special treat.

So.. keep your eyes out.. when you see him in your spot.. come on down and join him!!!  Visit for a while.. we would love to have you!!



A day of firsts!!

I forgot how tiring it was to have a puppy… after all.. it’s been 11 years since I have had one.. gah!   All the little things that you forget about when you have older dogs around.. but puppies.. they do lots of little things.. like…

bring you your shoes….

hide your shoes because you have already scolded them for bringing them to you…

bringing you your socks…

and your underwear….

licking your toes..

nipping your chin.. or nose when you think you are getting puppy kisses

pouting… because you have scolded about the nipping

the fascination with the littlest stick..

the wonder of finding a stick.. with leaves attached!!!

loving the big huge waterbowl on the deck… (ummm… it’s a puppy pool silly pup!)

splashing in the puppy pool…

sticking your face underwater in the puppy pool

going in the big pool with pawrents.. and swimming on their own!!

growing and inch and a half overnight… I swear he did last night!!

and so much more…

Here’s a picture of a first today… we got our first chewy compressed meat/rawhide bone.  This is not your typical rawhide bone.. this is more compressed meat since he is a pup.. He loved it.. actually chewed it in the shady grass  for over an hour this afternoon!!  I think I’m onto something here!! lol

I would never give him it unsupervised.. cause you never know with these when they get to be small pieces.. but man.. he enjoyed himself today!!  He only made a small dent.. so there is lots for tomorrow afternoon in the backyard!!

bark ‘ atcha later!





Snow prints….

While cleaning up my cellphone… I discovered some photos that I had there so I transferred them over to my external hard drive.

One in particular made me smile bigger than a kid in a candy store… my sweet boys paw prints in the snow…   I took these when we were walking on the dyke by the river in February…   his front paw is the one in the middle…   ♥♥♥

snow pawprints

Puppy Saga… continued….

Ok.. seems like I can post pictures again.. so.. let me try this again for Mr. Wilson… I know some of ya’s could not see the Facebook pictures.. so.. hopefully this will do!!  :O)

Here is a picture of the two of them together…  He looks so BIG in the photo!!


Here is something  funny  though… right on the white  stripe of Wilson’s brow, he has a brown spot right beside his left eye….


Check out Ms. Maggie.  she has the same spot, but in black, right beside her left eye!!


Coincidence?  or Fate?  lol

Took him to the vets on Saturday for his 2nd booster shot.  He weighed in at 16.7 lbs… HE”S ONLY 11 WEEKS OLD!!!!!   I discovered that I have been underfeeding him.. I thought he was only about 12 lbs.. and giving him 1 ¾ cups a day.  For his size and age.. he should be getting 2 1/3!!  Egads!  We wouldn’t want to stunt his growth now.. would we??

Needless to say, a visit to the vets is very tiring.  Here is Mr. Wilson on the ride home.


I do believe that he will be a large Springer like his dad.  Speaking of his dad, here is a picture of his dad.  His name is Mac.


Here is a picture of his mom, Stormy.


Another few to make you smile… Maggie and Wilson playing tug of war.  I am so pleased with the way these two are interacting now.  Maggie plays with him and when she gets a hold of the toy, she doesn’t pull away.  She waits for him to clamp back on.


And.. believe it or not.. Mr. Wilson LOVES the water!!  We have had him in the pool 3 times.. and last night he swan approx. 12 feet by himself to the ladder!!  Here he is chilling with Maggie after a towel dry!!


Loving the puppy days!!  They go by sooooo fast!!

On another note.. what did I find by my bed this morning when I got up?  Another white feather!!  HI FRANKLIN!!!!!!  Glad you are checking in!!  ♥

It’s funny..

Mr. Wilson lies at the bottom of the bed…facing the door, just like Franklin did.

Mr. Wilson talks to you in that “rawr, rawr, rawr”, just like Franklin did.

wonder who is teaching him that???  hmmmmmmmmmm sweet boy??

Hope everyone is staying cool!

Bark atcha later!