We could use a smile…

Awful August….  That was right on the target.. wasn’t it?  Let’s look forward to Spectacular September!

I thought I would share a video of Mr. Wilson when we first got him.

Now.. be prepared..  his cuteness should be illegal in 40 States as well as above the border in Canada eh!!


bark atcha later!

Video – Belly Rubs, tail waggs and more!

I’m so glad I figured out these video uploads.. because I do want to share with everyone here how sweet a dog my Franklin was…

This first video was taken on Dec 17th, 13 days after Franklin’s surgery.  This was the night before he got his final dressing removed..

I have seen many pups with no dressings after their surgery, especially the rear amputations.  But I would say that I prefered to have the dressing on the front leg amputation. It just helped keep things clean and healed I think.

Here is proof that belly rubs really are much easier without that extra leg!!!  It’s a little dark.. but still makes me smile!!



This second video was taken on April 28th.  Notice my man’s waggin tail.. ALL THE TIME!!!!  He was such a happy fella!  I love him so.  And my pretty Maggie girlie..

watch the video… they will both do a trick for you in the end for a dentastick!!



Bark atcha later!


One of my favorites….

This has to be one of my favorite pictures of my Franklin….  Just standing in his lookout spot on the deck.. peaceful..


of course the second one just expresses the joy and zest for life that this sweet guy had… This was taken the night before his amputation

I learned alot from him in the 8 years I was blessed to have him… am still learning…

Dec 2 2012 04

And from the archives… I find the two of them together again.. and of course.. Squeaky on hand!!

Chrisjan 158

Hallowe’en is not far off… and I could just read the captions on these photos…

Maggie:  I think this hat gives me magical powers!!

Franklin:  Don’t look at me… I feel like such a clown

Chris 024

Maggie:  Well.. that hat does make you look pretty stupid… umm.. I mean silly!!

Franklin:  B*tch.. umm.. I mean witch!!

Chris 017

New Hairdo!!

Should I invest in some hair gel?

Do you think I should spike it?

Maybe we should colour it…  give it some highlights!

Mr. Wilson’s feathering is coming in on his legs, chest and belly.

AND.. he is sporting a new hairdo!!!

Meet.. Mr. Wilkson’t Mohawk!!

new do

3 months…

today…..  I can’t believe it  has been 3 months

a quarter of a year,

13 weeks,

92 days,

2, 208 hours,

132,480 minutes,

7, 948,800 seconds

since I lost my baby boy.

It still hurts.. it hurts like f*ck.  I miss him soooo much.. I know that Mr. Wilson brings so much joy and playful moments, proud moments, loving moments, and I am blessed to have him to love and him to love me back.

But I miss my Franklin.

His smell is not as strong on his dog bed anymore..  he’s fading away slowly, only from the bed of course, not my heart, never, ever from my heart. Never.

His sweaters are still in my closet.. and know what?  I’m going to un-stitch that left hole and Maggie and Wilson will wear them this winter for our walks.. I hope they look as handsome and beautiful with them on as Franklin did.

His harness is still hanging in the back room.  Wilson will grow into it.. and I will be proud to put it on him for the first time when he is a big boy.

His dog bowl is back in the kitchen again, right beside Maggies on the raised bench my Sweetie built for Franklin.   Mr. Wilson likes to be a big boy and eat beside Maggie.

We took away the ramp from the bedroom.  It was time.  I wish I could hear him hop down it one more time..

I wish I could dream of him.  I wish I could dream, and hold him, and pet his head, neck, and kiss him on the brow.  I so badly need to dream of him.  I wish I could tell him I loved him one more time, kiss his nose, and hold him tight.. and never ever let go.

I wish I could smell his farts.

I wish…….

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