Back in time… to 2005!!

Found a whole bunch of pictures today from when we first adopted Franklin….  They brought many smiles…  and warm memories.

Here is a funny story…. I’m going to take you back to almost 8 years ago!!

I saw online that there was a 6 year old Springer Spaniel at the Cambridge SPCA.  Cambridge is about 15 minutes north of us so we decided to go check him out.  Apparently, Franklin’s owners had turned him over to find a new home because they had a baby and did not have time for him.  When we took Maggie up to meet Franklin at the SPCA, we went out into the fenced in yard where you could see the dog loose, inter-act, etc.  Maggie was with us of course because I wanted to see how they acted with each other.  Well, Franklin being the goofy guy that he is.. was running around and he would body slam into Maggie with his side..  Maggie was not too impressed with this and started to hide behind us..   We chaulked it up to the fact that the guy was in the SPCA pen and not out much and just was so ahppy to be out that he was releasing his energy.  Once he calmed down, the two of them sniffed and kind of ignored each other but did wander around the yard for a bit.

We told them that we were going home (as it was the end of the day) and that we would talk about it overnight and let them know.  The next morning, the SPCA sent me an email saying that if we wanted Franklin, he was ours.  Since we already had a Springer, we knew what were were in for.  LOL  So.. we decided yes.. let’s go get him.

My daughter and I drove up to the SPCA to get him.  He was very happy and on his best behaviour… until we hit the reception area.  He saw a cat.. and chased after him.  “Well now.. this poses a bit of a problem, ” I said..  “becauseeeeeeeeee we have a senior cat at home, Diesel who has seniority.. and if he chases after my cat the way he did that one.. I will not be impressed.  He will be coming back here and I expect my money back!”  They agreed to do it (normally you do not get refunds from the SPCA) but they did say that this cat was the one that walks up and down the rows between the dogs cages and teases them.  So… in Franklin’s world.. he was getting the last word in!!!  lol

Franklin loved to lie on the stairs.. he had his own style…

nov dec 2005 019

nov dec 2005 027


We brought Franklin home on November 20, 2005.. and this is how he was after living with us  two weeks!

nov dec 2005 023 nov dec 2005 021


Another week.. and our furry friend Diesel joined the picture…

nov dec 2005 071


Yes.. that is Diesel.. using two dogs for a pillow!!  What a crazy cat!!

nov dec 2005 072


This was our first Christmas with Franklin…. he got a brand new ball..  for the first month.. he didn’t know what a toy was.. didn’t even play with them or look at them…

nov dec 2005 036

He used to lie right in the middle of things.. right in the middle of the wrapping paper pile!!

I think he was waiting for his stocking… !!

nov dec 2005 057

Our first Christmas together.. December 2005


doggie xmas


I will miss you at Christmas this year buddy… just won’t be the same.  

bark atch later!

Life after a Tripawd….. just a rambling….

The old saying comes into play… life does go on.  After all.. we are the living.. and for us, life does go on!    I agree with that saying… although it does sound harsh.   I also agree with a pet only has one fault.. a short lifespan.

Yet… it  feels weird.  There are times where sometimes I think, why am I still on this site.. I don’t own a tripawd anymore.  I am sure that is the case for many of the members here considering there are over 5,000 members!  I can see being here, getting advice, learning, asking questions, learning, sharing, and then eventually typing that “final post” , whether it be from the %&*#$* cancer that comes back, or our furbabies grow old and have the free run for the bridge in their sleep.  But once they are gone, then some may find it very painful to come back.  And some may think, why should I?  I don’t own a tripawd anymore.

I will admit though… It is painful to be here at times…  It is.  It is a confusing,  jumbled up mixture of emotions, and maybe some just cannot deal with it.  I am not faulting anyone for not coming back, and I am certainly not looking for any praise for sticking around.   But sometimes, it does hurt.  I sometimes wonder if I’m a bit of a masochist…   lol.    I re-live the pain of losing Franklin every time I read of one of you guys losing your sweet babies.    Maybe that is why some don’t come back.  It hurts.  It’s reliving everything all over again, like keeping a wound open, picking the scab off again, and again.    I cry, every single freaking time I read one of those final posts.. I cry!  Yet,  I am here… yup.. here I am crying at work (lol)… crying at home…  geesh..  I would probably cry in the car if I didn’t get carsick from reading my iphone while the car is in motion.. lol

And I would not be human if I didn’t admit that you feel cheated…  when you see all these tripawds living a full life.. and yours didn’t.  That’s probably very selfish and silly to say, but it’s true.  Not that you would wish anything to happen to anyone’s pet that has kicked cancers ass.. but … you feel cheated.  I guess with Franklin’s case, old age did probably have a bit of a part playing in only being with us for an extra 5 ½ months.  After all. He was 14 ½ years old when he passed.  Springer Spaniels short life span is 12-14 years..  so I guess he fell right into that statistic.  But what about the other pets who are much younger?   It’s sad, it’s heartbreaking and I guess I could ramble on and on about it, not making much sense but at least satisfying some urge of mine to type.. lol.  Not to mention have you read.. and read.. and read…  haha!

I have had dogs in my life since I was 13 years old.  The only time I have not had a dog was in 1989 from February 20th to July 27th.  I let my first friend Brownie, a 12 year old Springer, run for the bridge due to his back legs failing… as well as cancer.  $&*(%^# Cancer.  He had a large mass removed from his anal canal in July 1987, he was a survivor.. but his back legs gave out on him and he could hardly walk.  I think the cancer had come back as well, but didn’t want to put him through any more surgeries or pain.  I was young.. 25 years old with a 1 year old son.  Brownie was my first buddy.. got me through teenage years, moved out with me when I got my own apartment, got through my wedding and the birth of my first born.  He deserved better than me leaving him in Dr. Kato’s office to run for the bridge.  I could not stay with him.  I ran out crying.  I was young, inexperienced and stupid.  I regret that to this day.   I vowed I would never, ever do that again.. and I haven’t.  Never will..  I will always be there for my furkids when that new adventure is to start in their life.  Always.

RIP buddy.. I will always love you and miss you…


And now..  we have Maggie at home.. Maggie will be 12 on Feb 5th, 2014.   Maggie has more patience than all of us put together.  She puts up with Mr. Wilson’s she-nan-a-kins every day!   Until she says it is time to stop.  Lol  I got Maggie as a 12 week old pup and she has been one of the most loyal, loving dogs I have had.  A little too loyal if you ask me.  Let her outside for a pee.. she runs to the grass, does her business and is right back at the door.. wanting to come back in.  My gawsh girl.. go sniff the yard!  Go lay on the deck and enjoy the sunshine!!  But.. she is afraid she will miss something.   And then again.. she is a Springer Spaniel and they are known to be Velcro dogs.  I think that would have been a good name for her.. Velcro.. or Lint.. or Klingon…. lol

i got the ball again

Maggie is getting old… er.  Her hearing is starting to go..  she is getting a little slower when she gets up.  Her face is getting whiter, and whiter.  She can’t jump up on the bed all the time..  she’s selective on when she gets up there.. doesn’t want to waste all that energy for just a 3 minute snooze.  She prefers when we are not there and she can sleep for a few hours!! Lol


Maggie wants to play.. even when her legs are giving her a hard time.  She still wants to run after that ball.. and jump in the air for it..   She pays for that later in the evening when she’s a little stiff..   I then give her a Rimadyl pill.. (a doggie advil I call them), if I see her a little too stiff and slow.  Sometimes she gets the ball first, and sometimes she doesn’t.  But all is good.. she is still a happy dog.

IMG_1512      IMG_1521

Mr. Wilson.. is now the same size as Maggie.  Mr. Wilson is only 5 months old..   This is scary.  Mr. Wilson is just finishing his level 1 of dog obedience and will be going into Level 2 in November.  Mr. Wilson sometimes forgets his training and still jumps on certain people when he sees them.  We need to work on that one.  Mr. Wilson loves to play fetch.. and “try to catch me when you can.. that is, IF you can!!”  This sometimes involves a sock or pair of underwear in his mouth.  Mr. Wilson has so many expressions it is hilarious.  And he “springs”  when you throw his squeakie he will run and then jump on it.  Pounce.. like from a spring board… lol   I really have to catch it on video.

Mr. Wilson goes in on October 2nd to have those little things snipped off.. as well as back dew claws removed and get micro chipped.  I have a feeling that Mr. Wilson will not be a happy puppy for a while.. poor guy…  but hey…. if you ain’t going to use them.. you better lose them!

Mr. Wilson says… “What do you mean I’m going to get nutured?  Haven’t you nutured me enough already??”   or… maybe he really understood what I said.. and this is his look of  “WTF??  Are you kidding me?  I haven’t even used them yet!!!!”

W 9 25 2013


Bark atcha later!

The REAL Barney!!

I was just sickened when I saw this.  I could not believe that this would be true.. but you never know what you will find on the internet.  Social media, Facebook, photobucket… sometimes they prove who we really are!!!  I can’t believe that this “purple thing” is going around, place to place, taking advantage of all your goodwill..  going on vacation with you!  OMG.. and even sleeping in your own bed!!

Beware everyone.. I hope that this guy is an imposter!!!  Perhaps it’s Barney’s evil twin??


Time flies… when you are in a coma!!

Why does time have to fly by so fast????

It seems that way with our fur kids… why does time have to fly by so fast… *sigh*  There really is never enough time.. and no way to solve that problem… so the only way we can handle it is … LIVE IN THE MOMENT!!  extra snuggles, extra belly rubs.. extra ice cream.. extra ball playing, extra, extra, extra…  and we are loving it!  When Franklin was gone.. I really did not want another dog.. I want to live out the rest of Maggie’s days spoiling her rotton and when she ran for the bridge… I just wanted some time… without furbabies to worry about, board when we go on vacation, feed, pick up shit!! (and I am the only one that does that!!!)  lol

But.. I have come to realize tht I have had dogs in my life for 37 years straight!  I guess you could say I am a dog person.. and can’t see myself without one..   Could be worse I guess.. lol

So.. this brings me to Mr. Wilson…   who.. is 21 weeks old but officially 5 months old on September 23!!  5 MONTHS!!!!!  ok.. the next question is.. when will he stop GROWING!!!!  OH i know that our doggers grow till they are about 16-18 months old.. but man oh man.. check out the size of him now compared to  June 13 when we brought that little bundle of joy home!

such a little bundle of cuteness all settled down between my feet in the car ride home – 7 1/2 weeks old



Maggie lets the little guy lay beside her – 11 weeks old


Getting bigger and allowed to lie closer!!  15 weeks


Now we sit beside each other.. and pose for our momma to take pictures.  18 weeks old now…   Unfortunately, she didn’t pay attention to what was going on in the background..  meet my son.. being an ass…. lol


Enjoying a bully stick….  20 weeks old…   only about 3/4″ shorter than Maggie!!


A true Springer … or should I say Tigger.. lol    notice the ball between them!!


Yup.. here I am at 21 weeks old.. growing up fast…


Why doe the time have to fly by so fast????

bark atcha later!

To: Franklin c/o Rainbow Bridge

Hey there Frankie boy….   it’s hard to believe it has been almost 4 months… 4 MONTHS since you ran for the bridge…  I know you are having a good time.. but don’t forget to drop a line ocassionally eh?  Let us know you are ok..     I am sure you have seen many arrivals while you have been hanging out at the Bridge.. I hope you have been the gentleman that you are and helped showed them around… if you could be a helpful hand up there.. I can do my part and be a helpful hand down here too…  it’s nice to be working as a team again.. even if it is in two different places!!

We are fine.. you know we love you to bits and have sooooo many pictures that we can cherish, laugh at, shake our heads at and wipe our eyes at..   We have been keeping busy.  I know you see that I sometimes have some moments.. but that is ok.   I can close my eyes, open my heart and I can feel you there.  That’s pretty cool dude…  I miss you big guy.

Speaking of big guys… tell Diesel I love him and I miss him…. I can’t believe it has been 1 year since he left us on September 8th… Is he still like the Godfather at the bridge?  I bet he is…  he just suits that role..   Check out the picture I found of you two..  you guys were and still are the best of buds…  I’m glad you have each other now..

Chrisjan 158

Maggie is ok..  she has lost some weight.. but her hips get sore sometimes..   after all.. she is 11 1/2 years old now!!  She’s got a few more grey hairs.. but then again, who wouldn’t with that young pup around!!  She has got to be the most patient, tolerant, understanding dog around.   She’s been teaching Wilson a few things… like staring at the door when he wants back inside..   you know.. that “open sesame” stare she would do at the sliding glass door.. willing it to slide open.. waiting.. willing.. waiting…   funny part is that she is no longer sitting at the door.. she sits in the background and lets him do all the work.. lol    She misses you…   sometimes when we are walking she keeps looking behind us ocassionally.. just to see if you are there I am sure..  visit her sometime will ya?  I know you will see her one day again…  but I know she would love to see you in her dreams as well…  I mean.. after all.. look what she puts up with??


Speaking of the young pup.. what the heck have you been teaching Mr. Wilson?  ok.. stop laughing!!  First we noticed that he takes his squeaky toys and head butts Maggie and does that roawwr roawwwr sound… like you used to!!!  Are you telling him that is the way to do it?    And speaking of roawwr roawwr sounds… he now does that too when he wants to get your attention…   check this out.. it’s a little fuzzy in the beginning…

I will try to get him filmed for you to see without the fuzziness and chaos in the beginning one day…  but then again, I am sure you see it all the time and you sit back  and chuckle!  Oh yea.. and you would be proud to know that… he farted!  Ya… I knew you would be proud of that one..  geesh!

Well buddy.. I am going to get back to work…   I just wanted to  say hello and tell you I am thinking of you.    and when I think of you.. I can’t help but think of those sausages that you loved sooooo much…. remember those?  lol…   we used to have them in the backyard.. in the house.. we would find them frozen in the snow..   I should get some for Mr. Wilson…   I am sure he would like them too…   after all.. they are sealed with the stamp of the FDA!!!   (Franklin Dawg Approved!!)


bark atcha later big guy….

love mom


Last day of summer….. *sigh*

well…   Summer is over.. at least in the calendar sense.. July and August are gone.. September is here.. which means.. AUTUMN!!!!!  My favorite time of year!!!  LOVE cool nights for sleeping, LOVE the leaves changing color,  LOVE the harvest coming in, LOVE the fall markets, LOVE the warm days, LOVE the fall fairs, LOVE the smell of the air when it is crisp, LOVE the stick to your ribs meals that you didn’t cook in the oven during the summer, I just love love LOVE IT!!

Alas.. once September hits, it’s time to think about closing the pool.  We always want to wait a week or two cause you know.. once you close the pool the first weekend of  September.. it gets hot again!!  So I am thinking that next weekend will be the deadline.. perhaps we might get another dip in the pool…

But.. I am thinking that temperature will never bother Mr. Wigglebutt…  He LOVES  the water… almost as much as I love Fall!!

Here’s some sharing to bring a smile… (oh yea.. the human is my sweetie… )

Bark atcha later!