Happy Hollow’ een and then some….

Yup.. I said Hollow….   which was how I felt a little while ago….   facing the year of “firsts:”…   and today was the day we had talked about and joked about earlier this year… we were going to dress up Franklin as a pirate and get a wooden leg or a hook for his costume…   It is probably an old costume for Tripawds… but we thought he would be the best pirate out there…   after all.. he was the  Frank’n’fart’ arrrrrrrrrrrrr

I think today when I get home… everyone deserves pig ears to celebrate what would have been Franklin’s first Tripawd Halloween!!

Happy Halloween big guy….   I hope there are plenty of treats in the pumpkin patch at the Bridge!!



Since I have figured out how to post video links here.. I just have to share another one or two…

First.. Mr. Wilson was standing outside the door looking up at the pergola a week or so ago.. IT was dark and I thought.. what has gotten this little guys attention… I looked out and thought.. oh oh.. a raccoon?  grabing my phone and opening up the door.. I see this….

a leaf.. twirling on a strand of a web….?  Fascinating…….   obviously to the mind of a pup!!!



And a little proud bragging moments…   Wilson has beenthrough his level one training at obedience school and we are now onto level 2.  Here we are practicing the “Down” command, with hand signal from a distance.  This works for when your dog is loose, or perhaps in a dangerous situation like across the street and you want then to drop where they are so they don’t get hurt…   We start out with baby steps.. but we are now at about 10 feet away with the command…

Needless to say.. Maggie is playing along as well.. lol


He’s getting better.. and learning.. every day!!


Bark atcha later


I can’t help but smile…..

because the last two days I have gone onto the Tripawds site..  this is the first banner I have seen…….even before I have logged in….  both times!!!


two days in a row.. how coincidental is that?  I Just can’t wait for the calendars to come out.. I’m going to get a bunch for my kids and friends too!!

6 1/2 months have passed.. and yup, the pain is still there.   Yes.. it is not as sharp as it was… but it is enough that if my sweetie and I are at home and we are talking about Franklin, both of us could burst into tears at any time…  geesh!!  lol  I think it’s because we are coming up to the anniversary date of his amputation… December 4th.  Once this year of “firsts” have passed, I think all will be well.. and we know he will never, EVER forgotten!!

In the mean time… look who turned 6 months old on October 23rd!!

MR WILSON!!!!!    47 pounds…  geesh!!


(ok.. it’s a program that I can put stickers onto the picture.. he is NOT actually holding a cigar in his mouth!!  he’s too young to smoke!!)


too funny.. I was having some fun time with my iPhone…

Anyhow… he is now bigger than Maggie….  which is not good for Maggie!!  The other night he jumped on her and knocked her to the ground and she yelped!!  We have now started to limit play with Maggie cause she is an older lady.  WE know he is just a puppy and wants to play, but he needs to learn some manners…

Meanwhile.. they are still sleeping buddies…


And on a good note..   Mr. Wilson’s mohawk is getting biger..   almost ready for some gel!!!  I am going to book him for a day at the doggie spa next month.. just to get him trimmed up a bit..  but I think we should leave the mohawk for now… lol



bark atcha later!


Cute Alert….. WARNING!!!

It’s been a while since I posted a few pictures here of Mr. Wilson.   He will be 6 months old in 3 days!!!  A few things have gone on in the last few weeks or so.  Mr. Wilson had his “you know what” snipped a few weeks ago… and he had his dewclaws removed…   He made it through surgery.  Surgeries, no matter what it is, are always stressful as you never know what can happen!!

I kept his back legs loosely bandaged even though they said I could take them off after 3 days.  I hate seeing them wear a cone.. they look sooooo sad!!!

So.. we only used the cone when we were not here.. and I did not put him in his crate with his cone on cause he would hardly be able to move in it.  I didn’t want him hating his den!  So.. we kept a close eye on him to make sure he didn’t pay any attention to those bandages.  Of course, we had rainy days then as well and I was constantly changing the bandages.

Everything healed up beautifully…and he is crazy as ever!

Here is a picture of Maggie and him.. notice the fact that he is now BIGGER than her!!!

two dawgs

and one more picture before I hit the hay.. which I think is appropriate…

Mr. Wilson has a teddy bear that I have had in his crate since we brought him home.. he has never ripped this bear.. he snuggles with him.. and wants him to come to bed with us now..   It’s been a while since I slept with a teddy in my bed…



bark atcha later!

5 month’s today…..

wow.. it is almost to the hour… in an hour and a half.. it will be exactly 5 months since I let Franklin’s leash go one last time for him to run free..

Time certainly flies….  and the heart never loses the love there………..

I thought I would share something that I have in my home….  We always took photos of the dogs in front of the Christmas tree.. every year..  and closer to Christmas… I will share those memories… but…   in 2008 I received a gift from a dear friend of mine who took our Doggie Christmas 2007 picture to a girlfriend of hers who paints on slate, rock, feathers, leaves.. etc..   My girlfriend Marieann has a piece of slate with her dog Lady on it.  Lady passed away over  5 years ago…

She painted my Christmas pups on a piece of flagstone.. and we have it in our dining room…   it really is a great memory to have…









bark atcha later…..

Good Night sweet boy….




Good night my sweet boy… I hope you are snoozing curled up with Diesel under a beautiful clear midnight black sky, full of stars shining down on you while you breathe easily and snore on a comfy bed, big enough for any of your friends you have made at the Bridge to curl up with you if they want to.  You deserve it.

Almost 5 months have passed since you left us and we are coming up to a few first anniversaries..  amputation day, coming home day, Christmas, New Years and many more to follow…

I miss you… I see you every day in my computer screen pictures… I walk past you every day on the dresser in the bedroom.  Sometimes I jingle your collar with my eyes closed and I smile cause I can make it sound like you are just coming around the corner from the kitchen…

I will always love you Mr. Magoo…   You were very special to me and taught me many things.  I’m so blessed to have you in my heart. ♥ xo

2013 04 27 (21)

Calendar worthy??

I am torn… I have so many pictures of Franklin and I would love to submit one for the calendar competition….

but.. I can’t seem to find where to submit it.. in what forum?

but.. my other delimma is… which one…   can you help me out?

1.  Love this photo.. but think it looks too sad?

2013 03 17 (5)

2.  This expression is just the loveable, goofball, happy go luck, frank’n’farter!

2013 05 07 (2)

3.  This one is in his banner.. but he just looks so darn handsome…

f deck

4.  One of my favourites…


f pond

5.  This one was taken the night before his amputation…


frankie 4

6.  Our last Christmas together…..  which I could get rid of the zombie eyes.. lol

Xmas 2012 26

of course.. my favourite picture of Franklin is this one.. but it is in his banner…

but you just can’t help but smile a mile whide when you see it…

Dec 2 2012 04