I chose Tears…………….

I posted that story in the forums under coping with loss.. and I just love it…  And… I will choose tears until the day comes that I can choose no more…

My Maggie….   is getting old.  That’s all..  PHEW!!!!  THANK DAWG!!!  My heart aches seeing her get old… knowing that we have only so much time left..  I think this one, when the time comes, is going to hit me the hardest because she is the last of the three amigos…  Diesel, Maggie and Franklin…

I was very concerned when we went to the vets..  she has her lumps and bumps on her body… those fatty cysts.. but.. the one on her side has almost doubled in size over the last month or so…  and the one at the back of the pad on her paw was a bit concerning too..

So…  the vet drained some of the liquid or whatever it is that makes up those lumpy bumpys and it came back CLEAR… just fatty deposits… nothing to be concerned about!!

(happy dance inserted here ================>     *jiggle*  *jiggle*  )

Now, the lump on her paw is at the back of her pad but is not affecting her walking as she does not press on it.  We could have drained some of it to analyze it but the pads are so sensitive she didn’t want to start sticking a needle in there.  She said that even removal of that would be a bit of an adventure as well becuase they don’t have skin, etc to pull over.  So I decided to not poke at this time.  Just to keep an eye on it to make sure it doesn’t get any bigger.

But.. my Maggie is getting old..   *sigh*  I was petting her last night and I can feel her hip bones starting to stick out..   Her walk is a little slower sometimes.. and her getting up is slower as well..   Sometimes when she is sitting and she wants to move over, she doesn’t even raise up on her four legs.. she just slides her arse over.. lol

Maggie is a great dog… gentle.. caring.. tolerant, patient, and loveeeeeeeeeeeeeees attention..   She is a orange hockey ball whore!!  She loves her ball chasing, catching, and fetching.  She also loves her cheesies, her carrots,  celergy, asparagus and basically almost anything to eat really.. lol  She loves when you sing to her.. mosting about her though.. you have to sing things like… “Beauuuuutiful Maggie.. you are a queen… the most beautiful girlie that I’ve ever seeeeeeeeeeen…..!!!!!  She actually squnits her eyes and smiles.. Hang on.. maybe she is grimacing at my singing!!????  All those years I thought she loved it and maybe it has been painful for her!!??  I will have to check this out when I get home… but now that she is about 80% deaf.. maybe she won’t mind it now!!

I remember when she was younger, she used to jump off of the docks, pool ladders, just about  anything to get her orange hockey ball!!  She used to jump from the ground up into Fred’s arms… after all.. she IS a springer!!

Here’s a few memories of my Maggie Girlie…

Pretty Pup….  June  2002

pretty girl i got the ball


Maggie at 3 months old…. and again in the same pose at  1 1/2 years old…



one of my all time favourite pictures…  Maggie and Diesel.  This picture was taken when I split from my ex-husband.. I remember putting that chair in the room and they jumped up onto it.. November 2003


Maggie 2004 – 2 years old…


MAggie and Franklin… December 2005

double trouble

This was my screen saver for the longest time.. made me smile…



My girlfriends daughter loves photography and here is one of her pictures…

maggs by Crystal




My Maggie girl….  May 2013



Bark atcha later………..


Time flies….. and so have the Geese for the winter!!

So many emotions are happening at this time of year for me..

I am very busy with Christmas craft shows with my handmade goats milk soap, bath and body products which does not leave me much time to myself.!!  Lol    Although I do know that every year I will be busy at this time, it still jumps up and smacks me occasionally to shake things up.

Because of the crazy whirlwind that I am in right now, I haven’t been spending much time in here..  I haven’t been in to Chat in ages cause I just don’t have the time to spend chatting.  I need to wrap soap, make body butters and sugar scrubs!!!  Work! Work! Work!!  Lol

It’s coming up to that one year mark… on November 22nd,  it will be one year since I found Tripawds.  My very first post was on November 22, 2012.   It has been one year since we were chatting about what to do with Franklin, to amputate? Or not to amputate?

It’s been one year since September really, since we found out that my sweet boy had cancer…   WTF has that year gone?  I can’t believe it has been one year… some days it feels like it was just last month that we lost him.. and that it was just a few months ago since his amputation.

Dec 2 2012 36   Franklin 12 4 12 (4)

I broke down yesterday and last night… I was driving down to a greenhouse to set up my soap for a craft show on the weekend at lunch time and I was driving down the road that I normally go to go to the vets office.  I lost it as I was driving.  Just a sudden wave came over me and I burst into tears..   Okay.. it was more like a tsunami, I will admit it.  I had to pull over.. Here I am, in my car, on the side of the road.. and NO KLEENEX!!!  Using my sleeve to wipe my eyes, and my nose.  Needless to say I had to do laundry when I got home.  But I think it was just remembering how many times I drove down that road with Franklin and his head out the window, with four legs and three legs… and how he loved the wind in his face..   YUP.. I lost it..

Perhaps it was Franklin racing through my heart at that time, telling me that he was with me on that ride..  and I was just overwhelmed with love and sadness that I could not catch him at that moment to hug him tight.  Maybe that is what it was..  Maybe.

I get to drive down that road again today since the doggers have a 5:15 vet appointment.  Wilson needs his bordatella shot and Maggie has a large lump on her side and on her front right paw that I want checked out.  Call me crazy, but my gut instinct tells me that something is going on with Maggie…   Her hair for one thing… it’s not soft and silky the way it used to be… nor is it growing in long, or full the way it used to..   Her hair is looking like Franklin’s did when he had the cancer.  Whispy, thin and bare.   Just a little voice in the back of my head that says.. get this checked out…   hmmmmmm….

Some recent pictures of our runs in the meadow…  I’m so proud of him with his recall.. we have had a few meetings with other doggies and he plays and chases after them.. but when I call him.. he comes right back!!  Good Boy Wilson!!

IMG_2028      IMG_2021


wilson leaves

Bark atcha later

Springer Tigger? Puddles!!

We all have our year of firsts.. the bad AND the good..  yeaaaaaaa for GOOD!!!!!

And we had a first for Mr. Wilson on the weekend!!  We always take the dogs for a walk down along the trail that leads behind our house along the Grand River.. they enjoy this walk as they meet people and other dogs too.  But, every other day, I like to go down to a place called the “Bus barns”  beside the bus barns are trails that go through a bit of a forested area and there is a huge meadow there.  The river also runs behind this area and so does the trail that continues from my house.  It is quite a hike to walk it, but it’s nice to load the dogs up in the car and take them for a run.  Sometimes we see deer there.

This was a first for Wilson.  He got to play in the field OFF LEAD!!!!!  He was a very good boy… and did not stray far!

Now.. in this first one… I call Tigger Springer… I want you to have this song in your heard when you watch this.. you know the tune.. the Tigger song..   you know.. how it goes.. “The wonderful thing about tiggers….”  Now that you have that tune in your head….. fill in these words….

I’m Wilson and I’m a Springer!

and Springers are wonderful things!

Their ears are long and floppy..

Their legs are made out of springs!

They run and jump and spring and bounce

and have such crazy fun!

The most wonderful thing about Springers

is I’m Wilson, and I’m one!!!!

Iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii am really one!!


Fitting.. don’t you think?  lol!

And I may as well show you just one more…. This one is cute.. he ran back and forth, back and forth and right through the puddles!!!  this boy had a ball… and I am so proud!   Now.. not sure what would happen if a bunny crossed our path.. but we shall deal with that when it happens!



Bark atcha later!