Almost over….

It’s over.. almost over.. the holiday season.  I haven’t been here the last few days because it has hurt.  I keep looking at all the pictures of “Christmas ‘ Past”  that I posted in the previous blog.  Although they bring smiles when I look at them, they bring tears and a longing that I wish I could fix.  He was terribly missed this Christmas… especially by my sweetie.

Went to make coffee Christmas morning and he pulled down my mug with Franklin’s picture on it..  and burst into tears…   that’s why I love him.

My kids.. Jordan and Moon Boy, got him a garden stone… which.. made him burst into tears again….   no explanation needed!


You certainly are buddy… in and on our hearts…



You were missed lying in the wrapping paper this year sweet boy… and the pig ears were not the same today.  I hope you had lots of treats on Christmas Day sweetie…  I sent you lots of love from my heart!

nov dec 2005 057


Merry Christmas sweet boy….. ♥♥♥♥♥


Merry Christmas to all… and to all a good night!

First Christmas without you buddy!!  I hung yours and Maggie’s stockings up last night.. I hope you don’t mind if Santa puts Mr. Wilson’s treats in yours? I can’t believe you have been gone 7 months… over half a year!!  Time flies doesn’t it… and some days it just feels like last week….   it’s weird not having you in front of the tree for pictures.  Yup.. I’m missing ya buddy.♥

I thought I would share the pictures of Christmas’ past.. and present…   For some reason I can’t find the pictures from 2005 and 2006… weird.  I will have to keep looking cause we did them every year by the tree..  (HAHA!!! I found 2005!!!!!)

Christmas 2005… your first one with us… one month after you arrived!!

2005 doggie xmas

Christmas 2007

xmas 2007

Christmas 2008

xmas 2008

Christmas 2009

xmas 2009

Christmas 2010

xmas 2010

Christmas 2011

xmas 2011

Christmas 2012.. our last Christmas together…  (tears up here)

xmas 2012

And now.. the finale……  Christmas 2013


1514154_10153619815510344_1563642766_n 1526655_10153619815515344_351352160_n

I fear that this may be my Maggie’s last Christmas with us.  I hope not..  and we all start thinking this way as our furbabies get older.  She is having a terrible time with her hips and back end.  It seems that she has started to become very frail over the last 2 months.  I noticed that she has a hard time getting up off her bed in the morning.. usually she ends up sliding her back end off it and sometimes falling back down on her rump when she tries to stand up.  She also does not stand anymore if she doesn’t have to.. she sits.. and to get to you she will shimmy and slide her bum over sometimes.  I will have to get this on video.   lol

My heart breaks when I think of my girlie who used to chase balls constantly, endlessly, breathlessly…  it’s hard to see her this way.  Yet.. after she gets herself up..  and she gets to the door.. she sits there just excited to get her coat on and go for a walk!  While we are walking.. or in the field.. her tail is wagging.  She’s in her glory.. she’s happy for the moment.. and she is young at heart again!


I have started to give her a 1/2 rimadyl a day when I see her struggling.  And a little extra lovin’ and snuggles when we can…

We will have a snugglin’ Merry Christmas and I am sure they will look forward to a little turkey and gravy mixed in with their kibble!!

Merry Christmas everyone… I hope you have a pawsome day!

Bark atcha later!




Handsome Dude AND Beautiful Jewellery!!!!

Hoppy Ampuversary Frank’n’farter… xoxoxo

Chrisjan 120


And what better way to celebrate but wear something that is very close to my heart… a memorial bracelet about you dude!!!

Rene.. LOVE IT!!!!!   LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!!  I got it on Monday when I got home from work!!  THANK YOU for making a wonderful tribute bracelet.. you are an exceptionally talented lady!!!

I had been chatting back and forth with Rene about getting a bracelet made to honor Franklin.. threw ideas back and forth, changes, suggestions.. and here is the final result!  Money well spent on a beautiful piece of jewellery that I will wear alot!!  LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE IT!!!!!!

AND.. is jingles and chimes when I move my arm.. kinda reminds me of Franklin’s coller jingling!!  lol



on the back of the Franklin charm, there is a stamped angel.  And on the charm on the right that says.. “always in my ♥” there are three hearts on the back…  Tripawd charm is double sided as well.. Have I told you how much I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!





Thank you everyone for all your kinds words and thoughts, and warm cyber hugs as we all travel through our adventures together…..

bark atcha later!

Hoppy Ampuversary Frankie boy……

it’s December 3rd.. the night before your one year ampuversary.. Dec 4th. One year ago tonight we were curled up on the couch.. you had had a spa day. and got all handsome for your surgery… I took pictures of you .. and posted them here on the blog…  you were such a handsome boy.. so silky smooth like velvet. I would pet you and hug you for hours after a spa day… I could feel every little bump under your spots.. the ridge of your brow that I used to kiss between your eyes…   your muzzle was like silk without your whiskers…  and you knew you were a handsome boy cause you just loved it up….  you “Vogue’d” well!!

Franklin after his Spaw Day!
Franklin after his Spaw Day!

I really wish I could have said this nose to muzzle… and I wish you could have been here with me to celebrate… but you are you know.  I’m sitting here.. and I have opened my heart.. and I feel you buddy..   I can feel you… and yes.. the memories are falling out of my eyes and rolling down my cheeks…

This picture was the morning of your surgery.. December 4th, 2012.  Fred took you for a little walk before heading to the vets… We were so worried that we were doing the wrong thing.  But you proved us wrong… you flew through that surgery with flying colors… and you  enjoyed every minute afterwards.  You rocked dude…  you were our three legged farting machine..  and we loved you.

Franklin 12 4 12 (25)

Hoppy Ampuversary Mr. Magoo…

We will always love you…. xoxo

your pawrents…. Christine and Fred… the human pack Andrew (moon boy) and Jordan…. and your Maggie buddy… and Wilson says hi too!