Supporting.. a great cause…

You know.. if it hadn’t been for Franklin.. and that damn cancer.. I would never have ever found this site.. nor chatted to the people here…   so I guess you could say.. it’s all Franklin’s fault!!!  lol  Way to go dude!!  So.. I figured I have received so much support from this site and those that are involved here… that I would give something back!  So I became a supporter… in Franklin’s memory… and what a great memory it is!!

I haven’t blogged alot lately because I have beeen busy at home and not on the computer much.. I have tried to get into the chat room occassionally at night time.. but there are times where I just find myself tired.. and prefer not to sit in front of the computer.  Last night I went into the chat room on my iPhone.. yea… won’t do that again.. lol  stupid little screen.. I had a headache afterwards.. lol  The last few blogs have had some great pictures.. you really should check out the one with Christmas where I posted all the pictures of Franklin every year in front of the tree….   makes me smile… and miss him.  :O)

Our pack is good.. as good as we can be.. Wilson is a smart dawg…  and a velcro dog.. loves to chase basicballs and that has been our latest exercising lately.  Kicking the ball around the meadow cause the trails have been icy and slippery…   he LOVES it!

basketball 1 basketball

Maggie.. is having complications with getting older of course… 

she has her good days and bad days…    and we are just going day by day… trying not to get frustrated with her.  lol  The reason I get frustrated is that when we take her to the meadow to kick the ball around.. she decides that she has had enough after 5 minutes and takes the ball and walks back to the car with it.. through the parking lot!!!!  So the other night.. I put her in the car.. I figured.. if you don’t want to play anymore.. you can wait in the car.  Sounds simple right?  ummm.. yea.. she howled and barked for the whole 20 mintues I kept playing with Wilson.. lol

I’m a tough love pawrent at times… so I left her.. let her bark.. there was no one else around.. and then Wilson and I packed up and jumped in the car and went home.  Last night.. she did the same thing.. so I kept her on the leash beside me.  Tonight.. I think I just might leave her home..  *sigh*  I think her mind is going..   But she is still the most beautiful dog in Brantford!!! lol

I have been contacted about a rescue dog.. a Springer, female.. I believe she is about 4 years old..    A friend of mine works with a rescue and he messaged me on Facebook to see if I was interested.  One side of me says yes… Wison needs someone that he can run and burn energy with.. yet the other side says.. Maggie may not have a good time with it.. and she has priority right now.   Will have to think this one out.  It could play either way.. it could give Maggie time to chill and just be a beautiful old lady.. or she could have two younger dogs harassing her to play ball…  you just never know how it will turn out.

Anyhow.. I just left a message for the girl to call me to find out what the story is with the dogger… who knows.. she could fit in just fine..


Bark ‘atcha later!







It’s been a while!!!!  I have missed everyone.. and have much reading to catch up on in the blogs and forums…   I promise I will catch up.. I need to be in the “knowing what is going on ” mode!

I stayed away a little while over Christmas as we were off work for 2 weeks.  It was hard… It was sad. .. We had our ups and downs as it was our first without our Mr. Magoo.  We missed him…   still do.. always will. I can’t believe on the 15th of this month it has been 8 months since you ran for the bridge dude…   Love you handsome boy.. always will!!  

1954_108847715343_2440_n 2013 03 17 (5)

So our time off was spent spoiling our two doggers with our heavenly presence!!!!  We have made some discoveries, some good and some bad… 

Good discoveries are…….

Maggie loves to chase basket balls!!!  So does Wilson.. and they will do this for hours and hours…  great exercise!!




I have a stealth mode dog.. he can camoflauge himself just like a ninja!  Unforutnatley, this is not good for the un-suspecting twigs and branches of trees!!



Wilson.. is a goofball.. and loves to hog the bed….  how can you not want to cuddle with a mug like this??




Bad discoveries are…..

Wilson is a stick killer.. doesn’t matter if they are still attached to the trees.. he attacks them, breaks them off and crunches them up.  I fear for the new twigs at Springtime!!



I have ordered a boot for Maggie’s paw.  The one that has the cycst on her pad.  With the snow and ice over the last few weeks, I have noticed that her “cycst” has become raw.. and it bleeds when we are out playing in the snow.  I do not walk my dogs on the sidewalk due to the ice and salt  so we tend to stick to the meadows and trails.

But…  the rough snow and ice is causing her discomfort.  I have been bandaging and keeping it clean and not going to play in the snow with her for the last week till the boot comes in…   We shall see how it reacts but I think a trip to the vets is due very soon…

I hope everyone had a good Christmas and New Years.. and I am off to read blogs and forums and catch up on news… welcome new tripawds, and maybe (hopefully not if you know what I mean) shed a tear or two and share some heartache  with members of our families here in the Tripawd world.

Bark atcha later!