Gone fishing…….

We were fishing this past weekend buddy.,…   and you were missed terribly and thought of every day in that ice hut.  How could we not think of you?  Weeelllll.. when we arrived on Friday.. we walked in the hut and I looked to the left and there it was on the wall!!!  Our scoreboard of when we brought you and Maggie up with us in 2009.!!!

scoreboard  2789_171535950343_6185412_n2789_171535935343_4254765_n


As I sat on the other side of the hut.. and Fred was sitting there.. by the door.. jigging in the hole.. I had a flash…. right before my eyes buddy.. I could see you sitting there looking at me…   Thank you sweet boy for the visit… it did my heart good!!

And yes.. Fred outfished me again dude!!!


bark atcha later big guy……

One spoilt Tri……….colour!!

I have a tendacy to spoil my dogs.. if you haven’t guessed.  Life in our pack has been busy with some well earned vacation taken.  Family went to Cuba for a week and moon boy’s girlfriend’s sister stayed at the house with the puppies and kitty.  We had a good time in the temperatures of the high 28-30 celcius and the warm sand on our feet and glasses filled with rum punch and margaritas!

But.. as always.. good things must come to an end and it was back to reality… and the Canadian weather cannot end soon enough for me!!  I try not to complain about the snow.. cause it is winter and we live in Canada… at least there are two kids enjoying it….   This was our first walk in the bush after we came back from vacation.  Wilson was sooooo happy to be off leash running again!!


Maggie was even getting into the snowdrifts!!

IMG_2936 IMG_2937

Yet I am worried about Wilson.  He has shown some signs of mental instability lately….


I mean.. how hard is it to lie on the dog bed properly???????????????????


Obviously.. this is very difficult for him and I think he needs some bedding therapy……



I cannot leave this post without saying…..

Franklin, I can’t believe it has been 9 months on Feb 15th that you have been gone.

But your love in my heart has remained as strong.  Miss you big guy….. “smoooooch”

frankie 1


Bark atcha later!