You can have more than one heart dog……. right?

Can’t you?

I think you can…   seriously… I have loved and love ALLLLL my dogs to death… to the best of my ability when I had them.  Mind you… when I was young and “un-educated” with doggies and their needs, that didn’t mean I loved them any less…

My first guy Brownie… he was a liver and white English Spring Spaniel.. lived to be over 12 years old.  I got him when I was 13 years old.. back in 1976. He didn’t eat the best at that time.. he ate dog food mind you.. but he loved “people food” as well.  I mean really, which dog doesn’t love people food!! He used to share my pizza with me… he used to get the ocassional scrape of the dinner plate with his food.. he loved spaghetti!    But back then, we did the best we could.. I mean.. it was over 30 years ago!!

IMG_0121 IMG_0122 IMG_0128

My second Springer, Brandy, came to us through the SPCA and was pregnant at the time.  I didn’t know it.  She had 7 beautiful purebred springer spaniel pups.  We tried to track her down as to who her breeder was and to see if she was CKC registered by doing the noseprint as she didn’t have a tattoo.  But, we came up with nothing… except a sweet dog.    She was a beautiful dog.. very family oriented.. but could not be let off leash though.. her recall sucked.. no matter how hard we tried.. lol  Oh she would come back… in her own good time after she sniffed everything possible that she could sniff.. lol   She was a great dog to have while the kids were growing up.  She was one of the laziest springers I have had.. she was quite content with curling up with you on the couch than hiking through the woods.  She was a sweetheart.. and I did love her dearly.  This was one of her pups that she had.. Toby.

IMG_0129 IMG_0124

Maggie.. well.. Maggie is still with us.. and we are enjoying every single moment, snuggle, and “Maggie Moments”  You do have to watch your fingers now when you give her a treat.. lol  She can’t catch them anymore and her eyes just are not what they used to be.  She has a hard time judging what is a milkbone and a finger.. lol    I personally think that she will be here in the summertime!!!  I hope so… there are alot of “soaking up the sun deck moments” to be had!!


My Franklin… well… nuff said.

Chrisjan 044

But.. Wilson…. my goodness…  he is a character!!  He is so full of energy, I wish I could bottle it!  Must play ball.. must play ball NOWWWWW!!!!!  He has two ball playing sessions.. in the morning and after supper since we work full time through the day.   And you can tell if he has not had his sessions.. he gets very active in the house.. running back and forth with a squeaky..  it is quite funny.  Even funnier when you are trying to talk and he runs by you squeaking….


He loves Maggie…  I have noticed there are times where he is looking out for her…  and if she is in the floor, he will get down of the couch and go lie beside her.  When they are outside, he is the perfect gentleman.. he lets her come through the door first… and the same for when we all go for a walk, she goes out first.   He is going to miss her terribly when she is gone.


But Wilson… he is the dog that pays attention to ME!  Focuses on me!! And only listens to me.  I think he is MY dog.  I can be standing in the doorway with him in front of me, looking at me, and I at him, and my sweetie could be calling him and he won’t even turn around….   If I am latched into eye contact with him,  it takes alot of calling and clapping to get him to turn around.  Is this a good thing?  Part of me says yes.. and the other part of me thinks he just might be a little “too much” bonded.  But, I am his Alpha….. his leader.

Yet… we had a bit of an issue with him starting to become “possessive” of me with other dogs..   When we are walking on the trails.. if another dog comes up, he does a rough growl, bullying, chasing off type of behaviour.  When we are playing ball with his orange ball and chuck it.. if another dog comes up he chases them off.. MY BALLLLLL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! he growls..  It is getting better..  we are working on it… and it is getting better now that I have told him, showed him that behaviour is unacceptable!

Now.. I don’t know what would happen if we brought another male dog into our home like we tried to do with Charlie..   only time and training will tell with that one…

Meanwhile.. life goes on with te pack here in Canada eh?  I can’t believe he will be two years old on April 23rd…. TWO!!!  He is not spoiled…. nope.. neither is Maggie.. (lmaooooooooo)


bark atcha later