Almost 3 weeks later….

On Christmas Day.. it will be 3 weeks since Franklin had his surgery.

I’m fortunate to report that he is doing amazing.  I know that everyone does not have that privilege.  Franklin has been the model patient.  He has now been off his pain meds for 2 days now.. and I don’t see a need for him to continue with them at this point. 

His bandages are now off and I have his thundercoat on for some comfort at this time.  While I type this, he is lying beside the bed on the floor on his favourite blanket.. and yes… he has farted!!  I do believe my eyes are starting to water!  My Gawd….what has died in this dogs inards?     phew!!!!  man….   wow…

Things I have noticed about Franklin:

His sparkle is back in his eyes…. 

He walks alot faster than he used to.. or should I say gallop….

he naps more.. which is ok as he is using more energy getting around…

he drinks more water.. I believe because he is using more energy to get around

he still stumbles a little bit… some times

belly rubs are easier with out that leg in the way!!

I now have wall to wall carpet in area rugs…  as well, I now have outdoor carpet on my deck because when I stepped on it the other night, the water had frozen from the rain and it was a sheet of ice..

I do not regret the decision to have Frankie’s leg removed… I think it was the best thing for him…      Merry Christmas everyone!!  I know that this Christmas is going to be extra special because 4 months ago.. I didn’t know if he would even be here at this time.  I tell you, if I had a dollar for everytime my dogs made me smile… I woudl be a millionaire!!



Franklin – 3 days after surgery




Just had to share this one… 4 days past his surgery.. and he’s a trooper! Notice the tail just a waggin!!

Mind you… we did not let him be active all the time.. he was confined to the tv room for the first 6-7 days, and then our bedroom for the evenings.  We let him have access to the dining room the second week.  He is still confined to the tv room, dining room at this time…

Soon he will have the run of the house again…

such a sweetie… no matter how bad his farts stink!


bark atcha later!

Day by Day

Well.. it has been a few days… yikes.. almost a week since I have posted here…

Franklin went to have his bandages changed on Thursday the 13th and he was such a goofball in the vets office.  Wanted to check out everyone!! lol

I have noticed that there is more of a sparkle in Frankie’s eyes these days.  Seems to be the old Franklin that we were used to.  Not sure.. maybe it’s the Medicam.. lol

Anyhow.. I have started to decrease his pain killer now.. instead of giving him 22kgs worth.. I have cut it back to 16… and in a day or so.. I will cut it back to 8.. and then nothing… I will keep an eye on him to see how he is doing pain wise but he has really been great.  And I don’t want to keep him on a pain killer if he really doesn’t need it.

Frank’n’farter has not experienced any of the panting, or trembling that I have read about.  His feedings are good.. water intake good, and outside duties good.

He goes back to the vets tomorrow to have his stitches removed.  They said that they will bandage him one more time and I can remove the bandages at home after 3-4 days.  I like this idea as it will prevent Maggie from trying to clean his scab.  After the bandages come off, I will use his Thundercoat for a little bit till his scab on the incision has totally healed up.

This has been a hell of an adventure… and one I do not regret!  When I see his happy waggin tail.. his smile with the tongue lolling and the spark in his eyes.. there is absolutely no question that I did the right thing!!

bark atcha later








New life with a Tripawd!

Well… it has been 6 days since Franklin’s operation.. and I have to say.,. my doggers is doing AMAZING!!!!!!!

Unfortunately, I was at a 4 day craft show out of town from Thursday till Sunday so my sweetie was the one to go get him from the vet hospital on Thursday by himself.

Here’s a summary of what has happened:

Day 1 – Tues   Franklin had his surgery obviously and he did very well!  Was doped up most of the day but slept peacefully, heart was good, breathing was good.  He stayed at the hospital that night.

Day 2 –  Wed   Franklin was up, and went outside to pee and poop!  He was still a bit dopey, but did eat and drink.  Was sleeping on and off due to pain meds but was doing very very well!

Day 3 – Thurs    Franklin could come home!  He has eaten again, peed and pooped again.. although they could not confirm if he farted.  Lol  My sweetie picked him up and brought him home.  Our other Springer was very happy to see him… he is all bandaged up but the tail is waggin!  I think he is happy to be home!  My sweetie will sleep in the room with him through the night.

Day 4 – Fri    He has been getting the 3 legged stride down pat…   Our worst part is Maggie who is so exciteable knocking the poor guy off balance.  It hasn’t happened yet but we have come close a few times.  Have been taking him out to pee on a leash.. but he has not pooped yet at home.  His appetite is good, and he is on pain meds in the morning and antibiotics.  We have kept him confined in our TV room which is 10×10 with his dog bed and water dish.   He climbed up on the couch by himself when my sweetie went to the bathroom!!!!  Geesh!   Sweetie is grumpy from sleeping on couch… lol

Day 5 – Sat   He’s getting antsy in the tv room  – he wants to come out into the kitchen to be with my sweetie while he is prepping dinner, etc..   Still going outside to pee, etc.  but has not pooped yet.  :O(  I got home at 7pm that night.. and he heard my voice and started woofing…   very excited to see me.. and me excited to see him!!  He was rolling ground on the ground between my feet.. happy puppy!  I freaked out worrying he was doing damage !!!  yikes!    I took him outside on his leash.. and let him off the leash on the lawn.. and he pooped!  Obviously my doggers is not a leash pooper!  That night.. we took him into the bedroom which is where they normally sleep on their beds beside our bed.   He woke early, restless and needed to go out to relieve himself.  After that, he curled up again and slept.

Day 6 –Sun    He’s getting happier by the day.. big grin and tail a waggin!  Had to go the my last day at the craft show, but I got home by 8pm that night.  He has snuggled on the couch with us for a bit… with help to get down so that he doesn’t do that on his own… slept through the night in the bedroom on his bed..  taking his pain meds and antibiotics  like a good pup.  I can confirm that he HAS farted!

My son thought he would be funny and ask him to shake a paw for a treat.  Do you know he sat up on his haunches to give him his one paw!!??  Amazing dawg…   just freaking amazing!!!

Day 7 – Mon   Went to the vet’s to get his bandages changed.  Vet is very pleased with his progress… says the incision, etc looks good, healing well and is clean!  He said to continue what we are doing.  Not to let him have the full run of the house yet, still confine him but he can come out for little visits.    He has to go back on Thursday to get the bandages changed.. and his stitches will come out on Monday!

Pretty doggone good if you ask me!!!

Congratulations… I now own a 44 pound Tripawd English Springer Spaniel!

Franklin’s surgery was a success!

He’s pretty heavily sedated.. and sleeping peacefully.  Breathing is good.  Heart is good.  He hasn’t been up to pee or anything yet because he just had the surgery done this morning.

I called back at 3 oclock to see how he was and he is still sleeping.  I told them I would call back at 6 before they closed to see how he is.. probably still be sleeping then!! lol  But I need to do that.. I need to know..

When he was weighed in this morning.. he weighed 49 pounds… I’m thinking.. how much does a leg weigh?  5 pounds?

The said he is bandaged up in a pretty pink bandage.  I said.. “what?  Pink?  my gawd.. thank goodness he’s sleeping.. he might see that and think he had a sex change!”

They are going to put blue on him tomorrow!

My heart is a bit lighter now….



Well…   today is the day.  I just came back a few hours ago from dropping off my happy dawg at the vet’s for a front left leg amputation.  I had to sign the good old release form.. you know.. blah blah blah, leg amputation.. blah blah blah.  I told them.. “Hey.. make sure you take the right one!  .. No.. hang on  it’s not the right.. it’s the left.. you know the one with the huge bump on it!!”   Lol     Wow..   now the wait begins…

He was one really energetic dawg this morning.. I wonder if he knows what is happening.  I know, I know.. you all understand when I say this..   Yup.. I explained everything to him.  Told him why he was becoming a tripawd, that he would be pain free, cancer free but alas… unfortunately  not fart free!  I just hope he got it!

My hubby on the other hand.. well.. he was a bit of a basket case..  But once that call happens to say that everything is fine.. Franklin is good… albeit lost a little weight…  my hubby will be good to go I think.

Yesterday, Franklin spent the day at the Doggie Spaw!  Lost 2 lbs of hair I am sure!!  I figured he would enjoy being pampered by his groomer and he would look soooo handsome for his surgery today!  And my oh my, he does look handsome.. doesn’t he?  Now that he is shaved down, you can really see the tumor on his leg.

Franklin after his Spaw Day!

Of course, humor has helped me get through this..  and I will admit that there are times where I have a pretty sick sense of humor.

We were sitting there trying to come up with ideas of what to do with Franklin’s leg.  My son wanted to have it made into a back scratcher, my hubby said we should make it into a hat rack… or maybe a key holder.. could hang the car keys, etc off his nails if the paw was upside down…

My daughter was sitting there and I said.. Hey…   we should have his leg cremated and bring it home!  She just kind of looked at me with that “oh my gawd mother.. what are you going to do” look.  I then told her.. when the time comes that Franklin leaves us (which all animals do) then we could get him cremated, bring him home.. and mix the two together, shake him up and he is whole again!!

She called me sick….  (insert raised eyebrow here)

My hubby just called me with another suggestion…   a front door knocker….    Yup, he is sick as well.

Will post later on outcome….

Bark ‘atcha later