Beautiful Day in the backyard….

Saturday was a beautiful day here in Southern Ontario.  Hours were spent lounging in the backyard, eating pig ears, sleeping int he sun and watching the birds fly by.   And of course, Franklin’s sidekick Maggie was there enjoying the sun as well.

It’s funny.. Maggie has always been around Franklin.. but now she kind of clings to him.  I wonder if she senses something that we already know.  My heart breaks when I think of that day.. and how lost Maggie will be.  But.. until that day comes.. and it does for everyone.. we are enjoying the sunshine.. loving the hugs.. and pigging out on pig ears!!!!

pic 1 – handsome guy!

pic 2 – warm in the sun

pic 3 – sunny naps

pic 4 – Maggie left.. but he still sleeps on.. lol

pic 5 – I think he’s telling me to put the camera away!!!  NO MORE PICTURES!!!!  lol

Mr. Magoo


P1110321 P1110325 P1110331 P1110291

Happy Pictures to share…………

Here are a few pictures of Franklin’s adventures… and of course.. his sidekick Maggie…

pic 1 – Jan 26 – two dogs that are always side by side on a bed.. couch… dog bed… geesh!!

pic 2 – April 6 – interrupting a pig ear chew for a picture

pic 3 – Dec 31 – chewing on a pig ear outside on a beautiful sunny winter day!

pic 4 – Jan 20 – snuggles on Sunday morning…. 

I would not say these dogs are spoiled at all!!!  Would you????

P1110293 P1110267 pig ear bed snuggle

20 weeks…….

today…   and the last few weeks haven’t been that great.  :O(

I’m seeing a decline…  I’m trying to get Franklin to put a pound or two back on.. just so that he is not so boney!!  lol   Even if he doesn’t put it on, he is on a higher protein food than Maggie because he burns it off quicker of course.  I have to admit.. he is loving the new food.. 

I’ve noticed that Franklin’s joints on his three legs are a little larger than normal.. I mean.. what can you do if the osteo has started to attack the remaining joints?    Nothing.. ..  but love him to death and help him when he needs help.  I have vowed that this pup will not suffer a day and when he lets me know it is time.. it will be time..  I will  not be selifish about this.. I promise.

Last night he fell going up the stair of the deck.. and he was pretty wobbly on his feet after that.   I Massaged him down.. loved him up and then he took off running!  go figure!  Maybe he is playing with me and thinking.. “hey… if I kinda act a little wobbly here.. I will get an awesome massage… hmmm wonder how many times I can do this”?  lol

He is slower getting up off his bed… and he is starting to show signs of his age..

My son called me the other day.. Franklin fell getting down off the couch.. and now my son has measured the tv room, and we are re-arranging it so that he and my sweetie can build a ramp so Franklin can get up and down off the couch on a ramp…   what does this tell you that this dog has done to our hearts…

Crazy pooch.. has us all wrapped around his front right paw pinkie!

bark atcha later!