I miss him….

terribly.  Every day.  I am looking forward to a new pup in the house.. it will bring happiness and smiles.  But.. I miss him.

I think I am using this blog on Tripawds as something that I can come back to and read when I need to warm my heart with my handsome guy.  It’s something that I can read.. and re-live.. and remember how proud we were of him.  This is a place when I can post how I feel about him without everyone on my Facebook knowing about it.. lol  We all share a common bond, understanding and love for our furbabies here..  it’s a different part of our heart that they steal because they have gone through some pretty amazing adventures.  I have some friends who just don’t understand how deep that bond is when you have gone through the Tripawd journey….

Yea.. I miss MY Tripawd.  I miss…

– the  thump thump thump of him coming down the ramp into the bedroom

– him wandering off at 11pm to his bed because.. it’s bedtime.

– him greeting me at the door when I come home from work.

– him sticking his head into any bags that we bring in the house, Mr. Nosey Rosey trying to find a treat for him….

– his tail wags

– him putting his head on the couch and looking at you to say.. “can I come up now?”

– the jangle of his collar when he hopped along

– him sitting up and giving me his one remaining paw for a pig ear

– walking/hopping in front of us with his head looking back and that tail waggin cause he was the happiest dawg in the morning even though we were dragging our feet to the shower…

– watching him lying at the end of the deck on squirrel patrol

– his rowr, rowr, rowr sound he used to make when he got excited…

– his squeaky toy that he used to carry around and bite to make it squeak

– him lying on the bathmat outside the shower

and most of all.. I miss his farts…

2 weeks ago tonight.. I was snuggling with my pup on the mattress on the floor.. I do wish that I could turn back time for one more snuggle.. one more stroke of his soft head and kiss him one more time between the eyes.

I have all those memories.. I know.. but the pain is so very very fresh….

Yup.. I miss him…. and I will always love him.

228501_9671560343_5221_n 154_15718830343_4884_n 400850_10152119305825344_1130769167_n

14 fingered Felix……

While chatting in the chat room… Erica.. Jill’s momma… mentioned she wanted to see my kitty’s toes..   sooo….   I thought.. why not..  I mean.. it’s not like it’s kitty porn or anything.. hahahaha

Felix has 7 toes on his front paws only.  He is declawed since his extra toes were giving him some problems with his nails when he was younger.  So his previous owners decided to remove all his claws on his front paws.

Here’s Mr. Felix… and his paws!!!  And of course.. I had to add the other one.. after I took his picture he had to come up to me and check out what that black thing was in my hand.  and he ended up smudging the lens with his nose!!  lol

shhh.. he’s a little sensitive about his weight!!

Purrr atcha later!

P1110440 P1110444





Me… and the couch!!!

one week today….  and almost to the exact time we were saying goodbye…

I’m sitting here reading through Mr. Magoo’s blog and I said to myself… “hey… self..” 

there is a picture of your sweetie asleep on the couch with the pups… 

there is a picture of your son on the couch too.. 

and.. even my daughter.. 

but.. hey…. where am I????

So.. in honor of my handsome guy… my sweet boy who is tearing up the bridge… I thought I would share…. the dreaded sleeping couch… starring… ME!!!!  and my furbabies…

(who says my animals are spoiled??  huh?)  Frankie still has all his four legs in the one with the four of us…and ok.. I’m not really sleeping.. Maggie and I are watching a movie. Franklin and Diesel are sleeping…

but he is a tri in the one of him and I sharing our blanket..


2009 05 09 Jan 17 2013 (1)

Next Step?

It has been a long week.  I cry every day at one point.. a wave comes over me and I wish I can hold my sweet boys face just one more time.  But, it is getting easier.  It does get easier, sometimes it takes a while, sometimes you just cry so much in the beginning that you are cried out.   Now when a few tears flow, it is usually involved with a smile.

My Maggie is lost…. She wanders..  I had her outside in the backyard on Friday while we were cleaning out our pond and she picked up one of Franklin’s squeaky toys and wandered into the house holding it in her mouth.  After about 5 minutes she came back outside with it still in her mouth.  She’s looking for him.

Thursday night was terrible.  You wonder what goes on in these furbabies minds.  She was lying on her bed on my side of the bed.. I patted my bed and said.. “Come on Maggie.. wanna snuggle?”  She got up, ignored me, walked around my bed.. and went over to Franklin’s bed.  She laid down on it and whined.

Well of course, you know what happened next.. I lost it.. blubbering idiot again…   Told my sweetie what happened… well.. you know what happened next… another blubbering idiot!!!

Friday night I had a little bit of peace…   funny, and yes I could be obsessed, weird, crazy dog lady.. or just call me a “UWDL” (Undeniable Weird Dog Lover) but like I said, I was kneeling down to sniff Franklin’s scent and say good night..  and what was lying on the carpet  to the left of his bed, right where his head usually pointed.. was a white feather!  If you know anything about the “white feathers when someone passes”  legend.. well, I instantly knew that my sweet boy was A-OKAY!!  He wasn’t hurting, he was having a good time and he was watching out for me.  I believe he sent a sign that he was okay and he was good with our decision.

Decision you ask?  Well… after Maggie’s moment… on Friday morning.. I called the breeder in Sarnia.  We ended up going on a road trip on Monday morning.  Yup.. we will have a new addition to the family in mid-June.   I am NOT replacing Franklin, no one can.  I know that some people will raise an eyebrow and think.. “oh, so soon for a pup!” and others, like my boss will ask… “what took you so long?”  We are dog people.. always will be and I believe that Maggie needs another pack member.. she is not meant to be a lone dog.  She can help train this one.. she is very motherly.. constantly licked Diesel’s and Franklin’s faces when they were here.. .  So we will take this slow..  hopefully she will accept him.. and get a bit of a sparkle back in her eye..  Someone once told me here in one of the posts that puppies bring happiness….

So.. ladies, gents, and tripawds….   Meet Winston……


P1110421 pup 1 pup 4


You’re missing…..


This song sums it up for me….   grab a tissue and share with me, I’m sorry if it will make you cry.   This blog is going to be sad, but I have to post it.  It’s part of the process I think eh?   One day I will come back here with a smile and re-read them all and feel my sweet boys love.

This is my sweet baby boy a few hours before he went to the bridge…   His eyes told me ..  it was time.   Please tell me you see it too…  it is so hard to make that decision.  Hard to believe it was the happy dog running with his ears flapping just a week before!  He and Maggie had a steak dinner before we left.  On the car ride, we stopped by Dairy Delight and had an ice cream cone…   We were beside him… all the way.   Maggie sat behind him …  our vet said that she was watching over him.  The vet got right down on the floor with us, we were sitting and lying on Franklin’s favorite blanket.  He stroked Franklin’s head and said “sweet guy, I knew you would be back soon after what I saw in your xrays”.

The doctor had to use 3.. yes.. THREE injections to get this sweet boys heart to beat for one last time.  After the first shot, I thought to myself.. STOP!!  he’s not ready to go then.. STOP!!!!  But it’s his lungs that failed him… not his heart.  His heart was strong.. so damn strong!!!  His heart was so full of love that it had a strong armor!!  He didn’t feel the last two.. cause he was sleeping peacefully beside me.  The vet had to inject it directly into his heart.  After the second one, the vet just shook his head and said “what a tough little guy, he just won’t give up”.   So he had to do a third one…   and we stroked him.. and talked to him and loved him up to the very last moment.   I kissed and nuzzled the side of his face one more time after he was gone.. and we wrapped him in his blanket.   He had the heart of a great dane, a mastiff, a saint bernard in that sweet soft 40 pound body!!  ♥♥♥♥  

2013 05 15 (7)







Shirts in the closet, shoes in the hall

Mama’s in the kitchen, baby and all

Everything is everything
Everything is everything
But you’re missing

Coffee cups on the counter, jackets on the chair
Papers on the doorstep, but you’re not there
Everything is everything
Everything is everything
But you’re missing

Pictures on the nightstand, TV’s on in the den
Your house is waiting, your house is waiting
For you to walk in, for you to walk in
But you’re missing, when I shut out the lights
You’re missing, when I close my eyes
You’re missing, when I see the sun rise
You’re missing

Children are asking if it’s alright
Will you be in our arms tonight?

Morning is morning, the evening falls I got
Too much room in my bed, to many phone calls
How’s everything, everything?
Everything, everything
You’re missing, you’re missing

God’s drifting in heaven, devil’s in the mailbox
I got dust on my shoes, nothing but teardrops

Yup… today is the day…..

Today.. I’m going to lose my best friend….  I just made the call.. the call that I never wanted to make…  but I wanted to make sure that Dr. Plater, his vet, was going to be there for him… I’m going to take his blanket… and his squeaky.. they have to go with him.. they have to.

My sweet pup Franklin did not have a good day yesterday.. or last night… he has gotten to the point where he goes 5-6 hops and then he is wheezing bad….  Nothing stops the wheezing.. I wish I could stop the wheezing… It hurts to see him wheezing so much…  gawd, you know.. I think I have cried more over this sweet soldier of mine than I have my own parents!!

Last night I had to finish making some soap in the kitchen and he would not leave my side..  he had to lie beside me.. so I brought one of the dog beds in and his blanket and he lay there… while I finished up..  If I left the kitchen.. he would follow me…  I went into the tv room for a bit.. and he snuggled on the couch.. and then when I got up.. he did too….   He clung to me .. he’s a mama’s boy…  he’s my handsome boy….

My sweetie Fred was just beside himself… he wishes he could go another day… he says.. let’s see how he is in the morning…   I just smiled and hugged him cause I know he is hoping for just one more day… one more pet on the head.. one more tail wag in the morning for a treat.

We hugged and he said.. “this is it.. isn’t it?”  Yup.. it is..   There were many tears last night… many kleenex’s used…

Last night I took the mattress down off the bed… and we all slept on the floor.  I gave him an extra pain pill and an extra bit of cough syrup for his throat.  We had a few moments through the night.. and then he settled down a bit more..  Maggie was weird though.  Kinda made me think how pack animals act when they know there is a weak one.  Franklin was lying on the mattress.. and she came and laid down.. right on top of his head!!  And he didn’t move!!  I thought.. WTF??  So I moved her.. and she got piffed at me and got down off the mattress and slept beside it…  No way was she coming back up… lol

So, I took the day off today… I called into my work and told them I would not be in..  My sweetie said.. “look.. his tail is wagging, he’s ok.  Let’s wait one more day… ”  If I had one more day with him… that would be just for our own selfishness… and I would regret it.  Seeing him wheezing and struggling just so that we had one more day.  Nope.

My hubby went into work for the morning and he will be home at lunch time..   We are going to take Franklin for some ice cream… Maggie too.  and then we are going to drive down to the vets with all the windows open so that sweet boy of mine can stick his head out the window and lets those ears fly!!

The ride home will be heartbreaking…

F*U*C*K this hurts… yes.. I know.. I swore.. I’m  sorry.. but I just had to type it once.  Actually, I typed it more than that but I used the backspace button a few times….  It hurts to see cancer win… in anyone two legged and four, or three.   It hurts to see his tail wag a bit less… it hurts to see him lying on his bed looking at me with dull eyes…  it hurts knowing how empty the house will be when we get home..

I will miss him terribly…   Actually.. I’ve been missing him for a few days now… he just has not been himself..  I believe he is telling me he is tired…

Like I said before, please send a message to all those beautiful tripawds  and four leggers at the bridge that Franklin is coming.. they will know him when they see him.  He’s the happy one with the tail wagging and the grin on his face… he hasn’t met a dog or cat he hasn’t liked.. so tell them not to be scared… he is just a big goofball.  And if there is a squirrel chase going on.. he’ll be right in the thick of it…  I know he’ll be snuggling with his sleeping buddy Diesel tonight… so all will be well…

of course, I can’t leave without some pictures……

bark atcha later…..

Franklin sept 10 07 (1) 318912_10152285001080344_98458233_n 2139_122600180343_6924_n 260183_10152100066755344_1387301541_n 284308_10152130426255344_1378434591_n

How can you not smile……..

when you see this coming at you while you are sitting on the deck?

I hope you are not getting sick of these posts and pictures..  I seem to be hogging the blog board at this time.. I’m sorry.    But I know that in the future…. this is a place where I can come back and see things.. read things.. remember things… and smile.

And speaking of smiles.. just how can you not smile at these pictures?  I dare you not to smile!!!  It’s hard to believe that this guy is full of cancer… and he is just living life for the moment… !!  This is a great moment!!!  That three legged hop..   those flopping ears…   huge grins!!

If I had a dollar for every time this farting canine made me smile… I’d be a millionaire!!!  Cha ching!  There goes another one!!

Bark atcha later!

ears 2

ears 3

ears 5

My Handsome Guy……

It’s amazing how many pictures.. and videos.. you can take of things that you love….

and I LOVE MY DOGS!!!  lol   Yea.. I love my kids too… and I love my sweetie…. and my sisters and my friends… but… My Dogs.. well.. there is no comparison lol

Here’s a picture of my and my guy…hmmmm… eyes a little puffy…. (sigh, this was after a moment)  but we were out on the deck getting ready for a pig ear….   I do not take a good picture!  But Frank’n’farter.. he makes up for it!!

me and magoo



Welcome….. Felix!!

about 6 weeks ago.. we adopted another feline to our household.  We were really started to miss the pad of 4 kitty paws…

A family was giving him away due to allergies… his name is Felix.  He is 9 years old.. and he has 7 toes on his front paws!!   He is declawed as the extra toes had nails that were causing him problems.

I call him Kitt’tay!!  He’s very cuddly, and talkative.  The only problem is Maggie has not adjusted to him yet.. she rushes at him and growls a bit.  We are working on this.. and it is going to take some time to adjust.  It doesn’t happen over night..

so… here’s Feeeeeeeelix!!



The sleeping couch….. and then some…

Today has been a bit of a struggle for Franklin… he was up at 5am this morning… hopping around the bedroom and he went to get a drink of water…  then he wanted out..   I gave him another dose of cough syrup as he was wheezing when he came inside.   He stood by the bed because he wanted up…  so I put him on the bed.. turned him on his amputated side (he doesn’t wheeze as much then) and snuggled with him till 7am…  when the alarm went off.. I called into work  as I had a heck of a headache…and told them I would be in later.. and I snuggled some more… woke up at 10am and so did he.. fully rested…

Tonight, he’s been kinda slow…  it’s a grey and rainy day here… the day that you could spend in bed just snuggling…  I wish I had.

My sweetie said tonight..  “I guess we need to make a decision”.  We now have to think about how uncomfortable this sweet baby is with his breathing.   I don’t think next week is going to be a good week….

Call me weird but… when that day comes.. I think I am going to take Maggie with us.  She can be in the room with us and Franklin… it will cause less stress for Franklin having his partner in crime there…  We don’t know what goes on in a dogs mind.. but I think Maggie should be there… perhaps she will accept his absence…

I will never forget when our cat Diesel passed away in September.  He was 18 1/2 and he was there all of Maggie’s life.   Well… I was at a Scout camp with my daughter that weekend and he passed in the late evening on Saturday night..   My sweetie wrapped him in a towel and put him in a box.  The emergency vet clinic told him to put him in the freezer, so he did.  Well.. on Monday morning, I took him out of the freezer, still in the box of course, and I put the box on the floor.  Maggie stood in front of it and I opened the box for her, and pulled back the towel for her.  She stuck her head in that box.. and very slowly she lifted it up and looked at me as if to say “wtf??”   geesh..  I swear I could read her mind… lol

Here’s a few more happy pictures to share…

1st  is a picture of the sleeping couch…  with my sweetie.. and ALL of them are asleep.  That is Diesel on his lap…

2nd – This is Franklin and Diesel.. sleeping buddies.  I know they will hang out together at the Bridge.  It is inevitable!!

P1090634 35477_10152118685075344_1756055056_n


bark atcha later!