Test results are in!!! woot woot!

Got the test results today…..   clapclapclapclap

Trichoblastoma!!!   it’s my new best friend!!

Canine trichoblastoma are a skin disease characterized by benign neoplasia of follicular germ cells.  A breed predisposition has been reported in the Kerry Blue Terrier, Bichon Frise, American Cocker Spaniel and Welsh Springer Spaniel[1].  (Obviously English Springer Spaniels too!!!)  

These tumors were originally classified as basal cell tumors but have since been reclassified.  Benign variant forms such as clear cell trichoblastoma have also been reported in the dog[3].

Trichoblastoma usually appear as an elevated pigmented or cystic mass varying in size from 1 – 5 cm overlying areas of alopecia and hyperpigmentation. the affected area may be ulcerated and they need to be distinguished from mast cell tumors, hemangiopericytomas, trichoepithelioma, tricholemmoma[4] andmelanomas[5].

Surgical excision is usually curative.

so…. for now..  it’s benign, it’s not cancer… and the vet feels confident with what he removed, it will not come back.  I wish every furkid could have a guarantee like that.  *sigh*

The lab that did the analysis actually sent a note with the results to say “How we wish every pet owner would be as caring and quick as Wilson’s owners.  Their actions show that they truly care about the well being of their beloved pet”.  Wow..   well… when you have already dealt with that effing “C” word previously, it sure is an eye opener for the future.

Anyhow…. because we did not get the first tumor analyzed, we don’t know if that one was the same thing.  So… a waiting game starts…

we play, we snuggle, we celebrate Christmas’ and Birthdays, we eat, we sleep, we throw balls and sticks, we eat pig ears and we keep checking for lumpy bumpys….

All is well right now in Wilson’s world..    except for the fast that he got really sick from the Metacam… poor guy.. His body does not like that.. vomiting day yesterday.. and no pain killer today.  He seems fine without it actually.

He’s had a few small meals of rice with lean ground beef..   and it’s staying down…

So.. now.. if we can just do all those late night naked dances around the firepit for everyone else here in the community…  we could be onto something!!


A Merry Christmas it will be.. Maggie is still with us waggin her tail.. and Wilson is cancer free….. (crossing fingers)

Christine… with Franklin in her heart♥

Bye Bye lumpy bumby……

and don’t bother ever coming back!!!!

Wilson had his operation yesterday…. poor guy.  Went into the vets in the morning to be dropped off.. during a small snow storm.  They were predicted more snow for the afternoon  and the vet office said that if the wether was bad, to pick him up the following morning, without charge.  That is what I like about my vet… they care.

But.. I said to them.. will you feed him surf and turf for supper?, to which they replied.. yes.. with red wine….

Needless to say.. the storm didn’t happen, and I picked him up at 5:30 and brought him home.  It was a beautiful drive down to the vets… just look at those colours!!!


It was a fairly large incision, but I was not surprised since they were going to take a pretty big area to hopefully get it all…   He was pretty dopey.. and I think it is from the Metacam that he is on…. and the after effects of the anaestetic.




He is on one dose of Metacam a day for 5 days only… as well as antibiotics for 2 weeks.  Minimal exercise for a week … yea.. right.. have you met Wilson??

I paid to have the lump sent off for analaysis and should get results back in 7-10 days….

Lets hope he is back to his usual goofy self soon……


bark atcha later


Another lump…..

yup….   it wasnt there when we left on November 26th to go south….

but it was there when we got back on December 4th…..

another “effing” lump..   under the incision from the first M*A*S*H operation on October 25th…..

back to the vet this morning….   checked it out and yup… it’s growing back…   grrrrrrr

so.. back to the vet tomorrow morning at 8am to drop my goofy guy off to have a larger area removed…

and.. this time.. the vet is sending it for analysis so that we know what we are dealing with…

cross your fingers and paws, and anything else that gravity will allow you to do…

we appreciate all good vibes, voodoo dances and naked midnight rituals around the firepit in the backyard!!



(you’ll notice he is still not trained on how to use the dog bed properly…. lol)

bark  atcha later

2 years……..wow…..

2 years have flown by…. 2 years ago yesterday was Franklin’s amputation…. which means I have been part of this community in Tripawd land for a little over that…

I go back to the very first post that I wrote… November 22nd…..  and I chuckle….   I was so uneducated… I knew nothing… I sit and shake my head at myself.. why did I wait two months ffs!!!!!????   I was stupid.  *sigh*

I read that thread that Michelle posted about this morning…  which linked the facebook post  “On Losing a Dog”…   and that one line has stuck with me…

A dog can’t change the world, but they can change your world!

OMG.. how true is that…. it just hits home….  you could see everybody’s lightbulbs going on above their head.. BINGO!!!!   That’s it!!!

just like the saying.. two legs move your body, four legs move your soul.….   BINGO!!!!

I can close my eyes, open my heart and remember buddy…..  I remember

how I worried about you…

how I missed you because I was out of town and my sweetie had to go get you….

how I smiled when I heard you were doing okay and glad to be home…

Oh how I miss you….


I loved the way you changed my world sweet boy….