Well, I have been reading a bunch of stuff here on this site and I must admit – it does help us owners get through this decision because I can now see that I am not alone in my feelings, my concerns, my insecurities about having a Tripawd dawg.

Franklin went to the vets on Friday to have his chest area xrayed.  When I picked him up at lunch the vet was very happy and said that he is clean!  Clear! Good to go if we wanted to continue with the surgery.

Wow.  I’m not afraid to say it, but part of me was expecting the vet to say “no go”.  His cancer has spread and there is nothing we can do.  That would have certainly saved my butt from having to make the next decision – to amputate or not to amputate.

Franklin’s osteosarcoma (sp?)  is in his left knee.  The cancer is all down there which is a good thing.  Of course, the mass is quite large and eventually his bones will just shatter.  When that happens, three things will happen.  1.  he will be in alot of pain I am sure!  2.  we take him to have him go on to greener pastures over Rainbow Bridge.  or 3. we decide to amputate.

Well, of course I don’t want to see my Frank’n’farter in any pain so, if we would choose to amputate then, then why not do it now to prevent any further pain.  Simple right?

Not so simple really.  Am I being selfish because I am not ready to give him up yet?   I keep looking at him and wonder.. how are you going to manage?  Maggie will probably knock you over a few times and it is going to just kill me if you fall over.  (I have actually started to get Maggie to sit behind Franklin when I let them out the door.. I make her wait until Franklin is out and on his way before I let her go.  Otherwise she just barrels out beside him.  I’ve been doing this for about 3 months now since he has been liming on the leg).

I’m going to miss his happy dance.. he would stand in front of you and tap his front paws back and forth while he does a kinda chortled growl.. whorrrr whorrr whorr whorrr…   Now if he tries to do it once he is a tripawd, it will be tap and *thunk*  lol

He usually lifts his front leg, the left one, to tap at the sliding glass door when he wants back in.  Now I will have to teach him how to head butt!

Of course, humor will help us through this for it is a good remedy at any time.

His surgery is scheduled for December 4th.  I’m going to try and get him into the groomers for a doggie spa day before his surgery to cheer him up.  His groomer absolutely LOVES him and gives him special treatment!.  Hey.. perhaps I should wait till after his surgery once he is healed up.  I just might get a discount!!  lol