Puppy barks.. and Kisses.. Part II

ok.. I will try updated this post with the links form my facebook page.  Apparently everyone is supposed to see them now.. even if you don’t have facebook.   The error that I was getting said this when I was trying to add media


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Everyday is a new day with a puppy at home…   6am risings, 7am feedings, naps in between hard play time..  noon and 5pm feeds, pees and poops and lots of treats and “good boys”

Wilson can now sit on command..  and now we are working on “lay down”  he is also a good boy for sitting when he comes in when his paws are wet!  Such a proud momma here!

Big Sister Maggie is getting along so well with him, she has been playing, walking with him and tonight was cleaning his face.  Her attitude and caring just amazes me sometimes.  she has completely turned around from the snarl, snip and growl when he first came.

I’m trying to load up pictures but I am getting errors..   so I linked my facebook page pictures.. I hope it works.. if not.. let me know so I can figure out what is going on.. lol

Here is a picture  of the two of them together…  He looks so BIG in the photo!!


Here is something funny though… right on the white stripe of Wilson’s brow, he has a brown spot right beside his left eye….


Check out Ms. Maggie.  she has the same spot, but in black, right beside her left eye!!


Coincidence?  or Fate?

Bark ‘atcha later