12 months, 52 weeks, 365 days, 8,760 hours, 525,600 minutes…..

since we said goodbye buddy… but.. who’s counting?

xmas 2008 013

I can’t believe a year has flown by.  There are some days where it just seems like it was last month or last week.  The tears are less..  and the smiles are more.. the memories and love are always there.

I’m surrounded by you every day…  I can feel you in my heart.. I pass by you every morning and night and I say “Hi Big Guy” or sometimes I just wink.  I do stop and say hello face to face ocassionally when we both need it.  A kiss on the collar, a kiss on the pawprint and my heart does good for the day.

Keep your eyes and ears open buddy, because I know Maggie will be joining you this year.  I feel it.  Welcome her quickly and show her around.  You know how she is… you guys are Ying and Yang.  Tell Diesel to keep an eye out as well.  The Three Amigos will once again be united!!! OLE!!!!

You are missed terribly, you know that.  You are talked about constantly.  And we know you have been telling Wilson to stay away from the stairs!!    He just won’t come near them.. and we see it in his face…. “Franklin said.. stay away from the stairs!!!”  But dude.. could you not tell him how to lie on the dang dawg bed instead??

I wanted to do a video of your life with us…  and here it is…  I hope everyone can see how pretty freaking amazing you were… and still are.  For the life of me I could not get music to attach to this video.  I had found a song that I really liked called  “Gift of a Friend” by Demi Lovato.  But I couldn’t figure it out how to get it to attach… gah!!  I was going to use the song by Bruce Springstein called “Your Missing” but I didn’t want this to be a sad video… I want smiles when people see it.,  soo… here is it with no music… sounds kind of boring.. doesn’t it?  lol

I tell you sweet boy… If love could have kept you here with us, you would’ve lived forever.

I will always love you.


Wilson’s Whimsical Wet Week

With sadness.. there are smiles….  and there has been alot of sadness on the Tripawd planet lately.  It comes with the territory unfortuantely.   There have also been many smiles too in successful operations, awesome ampuversaries and new adoptions, new family members and I love hearing of pawrnets opening their hearts again.  and of course, life is never boring when you have Wilson by your side.  You know when you walk in a room.. something is up.. when you see a springer butt in the air…   Lost ball Wilson?  hmmmmmmm??


I thought I would share some pictures of a week with Wilson….    I was hoping with all the time that Wilson spends in the water… that he would “shrink”!!!

After all. that is what happens to our favourite clothes!!!



kids, dogs and water….   what a great combination!!



This has got to be one of my favourite pictures below…   he really is a handsome looking boy.. and really has a sense of  “magestic” about him..


he is all muscle… and has turned into one of the biggest snugglers around!!!

How could you not love this mug when you are snuggled in bed?


Although.. I will admit there are times when he pushes things to the limite…. and tends to hog most of the bed…..


Alas.. to this day.. he still has not figured out the dog bed… but he has come up with a good idea.. .

Dog beds make great pillows!!



Got to love him…..   We had our grandchildren for the weekend.. and they were also loving up Maggie.  Ms. Maggie loves attention and we have been giving her lots as her legs are starting to give her some major issues at times.   I know that day is coming… and I fear it.   The boys just love Maggie because she is not a 60 lb wigglebutt.. lol




There is lots of exciting things happening in the future….   but that is another story….

bark atcha later