Maggie is with Franklin……. ♥

Yesterday I said goodbye to my baby girl. Maggie, Maggie May, Magpie, Maggers, Maggie May Penny Liquorice, Girlie Girl, whatever she was called, the truth was she was one special dog.  She wasn’t a tripawd.. but she was Tripawd Franklin’s best friend.  She accepted everyone who came in this house, cats, dogs, and people. She didn’t have a mean bone in her body. She was so trustworthy and loving. She was a hockey ball-a-holic.

She battled osteoarthritis for over almost two years and we thought we would lose her last year. But we got one more precious year of snuggles, tail wags and stinky breath kisses. We believe she had a stroke on Tuesday and when we came home, she was not good. She could no longer walk, her eyes were dull and her tail wasn’t wagging much.  She told me it was time.  So made the call… and spent the night snuggling and kissing her brow, nose and ears… 

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My Fred was at work after we came back from letting Maggie go yesterday morning. He was in the yard and he said out loud… “Run fast girl, run run!!” And this suddenly floated by him….. I believe in signs….. and Yup… She’s ok.  My baby girl is ok….   running fast, fast FAST!!!  Just like she used to..  jumping high.. and breathing in that sweet smelling air…  curling up with Franklin and Diesel…. and waiting… till I can cradle her head and kiss her between the eyes again…


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I will miss you terribly girlie girl and I will always love you. Wilson is going to be lost without you. Right now you are running fast, jumping, catching balls and smiling with Franklin and Diesel. The three amigos are together again!


I have chosen tears… and they will flow for quite some time girlie… now.. go get that ball!!!


Author: Christine

I'm Canadian eh? living in Southwestern Ontario. My crew consists of my sweetie Fred, my son (25yrs) and my daughter (22yrs) as well as our 4 legged kids, Maggie (12yrs) and Wilson (1year). Franklin was my sweet boy who was diagnosed with osteosarcoma in September 2012. His leg was amputated on December 4, 2012. He was the cutest tripawd on this planet. He was happy every day. His tail was always wagging. Lung Mets took him from us on May 15, 2013. Rainbow bridge became a happier place with his arrival. We miss him terribly everyday. We lost our kitty in September 2012. Diesel, who was 18 1/2 years old when he passed at home, was (and still is) the Godfather. He is missed terribly by all. They are curled up together sleeping at the bridge under the stars, happy to be sleeping buddies again.

5 thoughts on “Maggie is with Franklin……. ♥”

  1. Chris,
    I am so so sorry. You & I both chose tears. I shed some every time I read this and read about Maggie. I am so glad you got an extra year of hugs and snuggles. I know she will be missed and I will miss all those fun videos you posted of her. Til you meet her again.
    Run Fast & Free Maggie.

    Michelle & Angel Sassy

  2. I am so sorry Maggie had to pass on. Sometimes the older pups are harder on me because we have so much history with them and they have been with us through everything. She is playing with her buddy Franklin with no more pain.
    Penny and her Gang

  3. The feather…right at that moment…DEFINITELY a sign from Maggie…DEFINITELY a sign from her of her spiritual progression. She put it in your path at EXACTLY the right time ro bring you comfort and validate her presence is still with you.

    Fred an d Christine, yes my tears are flowing with yours and with everyone here who has had the privilege of knowing Maggie. I’m just so very, very sad.

    Like Michelle, I remember a year ago when you thought she may be ready to go join Franklin WRONG! She and Franklin had other ideas! I guess Franklin needed all this time to help get the Bridge ready for her arrival. Afterall, with you sharing the most glorious glimpses of what lofe is like at the Bridge, Franklin and Friends had to gather a lpt of hockey balls! Not only that, they had to jave fine coats and gorgeous sweaters made for pretty Maggie May, Maggers, Girlie Girl, Liquorice.

    She had the best life any dog could have…as do all of your dogs! She let you know she was ready to go see Diesel and Franklin. She knew she could count in you for that gift.

    We all know there are no words. And we all know we are not capable of bringing you the comfort you bring us when you paint the picture of life at the Bridge. Unlike the rest of is, you’ve apparently visited there in a “previous life” and have first hand knowledge of how great it is. And now Maggie knows.

    Christine, your tribute was lovely…and the pictures even lovlier. Because of Franklin, Maggie and Mr. Wilson, I am now a huge fan of the breed. Smart, cute, witty, loving, playful and gentle. And, apparently, great hockey players!

    It’ll be real interesting to see what the Three Amigos have in store for you and Mr. Wilson…real interesting!

    We’ll all be holding you in our hearts Christine. I’m just so very sorry. I know it hurts.

    Sending love to you and Fred tonight. That feather…thank you Maggie…perfect!

    Sally and My Chunky Spiritual Being Happy Hannah and Merry Myrtle and Frankie too!

  4. Christine, my heart goes out to you and all my condolences too. I’m so sorry.

    May the thought of her being back with Franklin and Diesel again put a smile on your face as you recall the good times you all had when everyone was young and so full of energy. At the Bridge, every day is like that for our furball. What a beautiful thing to ponder.

    Lots of love coming your way, now and always.

    Run free Maggie, keep on sending those beautiful signs OK?

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