Franklin’s Twin??

Hey there gang… just thought I would share a moment with you…

I belong to this group called English Springer Spaniel Lovers on Facebook..  and it is full of ESS owners from all over the world, USA, Canada, Europe, and even Thialand and Australia..

It is such a great happy site that shares so many pictures of puppies and beautiful dogs all around the world.  It also chats about different things, like crat training, how many ESS’s you have, illnesses, traits, corrective behaviour, etc.

Well.. the other day I came across this picture of Melvin, he is a springer who lives in Sweden!!

I’m trying to post his picture, but it won’t let me here.. so I hope you can see it on my Facebook link here..

looks a little familiar.. lol




Author: Christine

I'm Canadian eh? living in Southwestern Ontario. My crew consists of my sweetie Fred, my son (25yrs) and my daughter (22yrs) as well as our 4 legged kids, Maggie (12yrs) and Wilson (1year). Franklin was my sweet boy who was diagnosed with osteosarcoma in September 2012. His leg was amputated on December 4, 2012. He was the cutest tripawd on this planet. He was happy every day. His tail was always wagging. Lung Mets took him from us on May 15, 2013. Rainbow bridge became a happier place with his arrival. We miss him terribly everyday. We lost our kitty in September 2012. Diesel, who was 18 1/2 years old when he passed at home, was (and still is) the Godfather. He is missed terribly by all. They are curled up together sleeping at the bridge under the stars, happy to be sleeping buddies again.

2 thoughts on “Franklin’s Twin??”

  1. Great picture! Made me smile!!

    Melvin does look a lot like Frank……BUT FRANK IS SO MUCH CUTER! Nobody can old a candle to Frank’s eyes!

    Love to all,

    Sally and Happy Hannah

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