He’s Home!!!

My sweet boy is home… I brought him home today.. and I can honestly say that I feel complete again.  Just knowing that he is back in the house with us is a relief… a comfort..  and yet can be so painful sometimes looking at that box….

Yes.. I cried like a baby again when I picked him up… I sat in the car hugging his cedar box to my chest.. loving him up again… talking to him out loud…telling him that I miss him so much.. and I will always love him. 

Yea.. call me crazy dog lady.. I don’t care.. no one understands except you guys and gals here.. and of course other crazy dog lady’s.  lol

But he’s home… where he belongs.  I got his paw print done too.  It turned out very well.. I was very pleased.  I even cried a little harder when I noticed that there was some of his hairs in the clay… That was an extra little bonus I think!!

Funny things have happened over the last week..   My sweetie swears he heard the “thump, thump, thump” of him coming down the ramp in to the bedroom while were were sleeping… He swears he heard it…  and I am positive that he probably did.  It all depends on what you believe in.. and I believe in many things that people close their minds to.  I believe in spirits, ghosts, afterlife, whatever you want to call it.  I’ve had experiences that have confirmed my beliefs.  And that is ok if people don’t believe.  We believe in Rainbow Bridge… so why wouldn’t we believe in other things too?

Needless to say.. I know this guy is here to visit sometimes… yea… call me crazy dog lady… I don’t care.  lol

Thursday night I went to bed after my sweetie and he was just a snoring… lol..   I nudged up to him to get him to roll over and he said, in his sleep, “Hey Mr. Magoo.”  That’s what he called my handsome guy…  It just made me smile and I hoped that my guy was having some great dreams with Mr. Magoo.

Overall.. it’s been a bit of an emotional day, but it has been good for the heart and soul.  The pictures shows My Frank’n’farter’s paw prints that I did the day he ran for the bridge.  I made 3 sets… of all three paws.  Now I am going to draw his picture on them and paint them…

bark atcha later



Author: Christine

I'm Canadian eh? living in Southwestern Ontario. My crew consists of my sweetie Fred, my son (25yrs) and my daughter (22yrs) as well as our 4 legged kids, Maggie (12yrs) and Wilson (1year). Franklin was my sweet boy who was diagnosed with osteosarcoma in September 2012. His leg was amputated on December 4, 2012. He was the cutest tripawd on this planet. He was happy every day. His tail was always wagging. Lung Mets took him from us on May 15, 2013. Rainbow bridge became a happier place with his arrival. We miss him terribly everyday. We lost our kitty in September 2012. Diesel, who was 18 1/2 years old when he passed at home, was (and still is) the Godfather. He is missed terribly by all. They are curled up together sleeping at the bridge under the stars, happy to be sleeping buddies again.

7 thoughts on “He’s Home!!!”

  1. Awww I love it. I am so glad you feel complete again. You know he is apart of your heart always. But it is always good to have them where they belong. Not a crazy dog lady just someone who loved her baby very deeply.

    Michelle & Sassy

  2. I love the paw print. And I am so very glad you are finding peace with Franklin’s passing. My heart still hurts for you.

  3. Chris, I know this day had to be very hard on all of you. My people cried for days when I came home too.

    Sure, you’re a crazy dog lady but there’s no better way to live in our book.

    As for the signs of Franklin…that was definitely him. I left lots of signs like that for my people too. It’s our special way of telling you we are never far away, and everything is OK. We will be together again.


  4. Christine, I’m so glad Frank n” Farter’s home again. I understand the feeling of connectedness you are having again….I understand it very well..

    I understand the different ways he’s making his infinite energy available to you…..I understand it very well. I so glad you are open to the various ways he’s making his presence known.

    The paw is magnificent…..what a big foot on that boy! His cedar box is lovely…he’s very proud.

    You can also be proud of the loving care and splendid life you provided Frank while he was here in his “earth clothes”. No dog could have been more loved.

    Every time I see you make a post, I think of the courage it must take, I think of the selflessness that it takes to reach out to others during your grief. Christine, you are a very special soul and a very, very strong woman. You’ and Frank n” Farter are quite an inspiration times all. Your devotion to each other knew no bounds.

    Tell Fred I’m glad Mr. Magoo is visiting him in his dreams! He is clearly surrounding you. He’s not gonna miss one second of seeing how you react when the pup he picked out pounces into our life!

    Can’t wait to see the painted paw prints. Remember, Frank will be watching over your shoulder guiding you!

    Sending you our love, Sally and Happy Hannah

  5. It’s so bittersweet to have them home, but he is now where he belongs. That is a beautiful tribute to him. I’m so glad he has been visiting you to let you know all is well.

  6. What a wonderful post. Thank you for sharing. We all will be where you are one day, or have been where you are, and it’s hard, so hard to even imagine it. We are going to a tough time right now with our tripawd and your tribute to Franklin is what I needed to read. Take care. It is wonderful that he has given you a few signs from the Rainbow Bridge.

  7. You have a way of activating this lump in my throat. Oh, Franklin. You are so loved and cherished. I love his paw prints. That’s a superb idea. Hold on tight, dear, as he’ll never be far!

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